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Do humans know enough about love or is it the animals? We often praise ourselves for being the supreme most beings born with a mind and soul. We often negate various existential beings though. We often live and love in ways that suit us caging our thoughts and patterns incapable of loving or understanding…


The divine art of living within a flower called human

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Can chasing dreams lead us anywhere other than depression?

  Does chasing your dreams lead you astray into a state of depression or leads you away from it? 1) The first question to consider, Do dreams matter? Or, they lead us astray into a state of rejection and depression? Can chasing dream lead…

Rollercoasterrideinlife eyes sail through it.

Rollercoasterrideinlife depression. be able to wade through the 💦 of the ordinary human life, we have to often stand when we are at the weakest. Living is a constant process of struggle, growth, new learnings, improvisations and strong 💪 will power. If we…