The Crescent Moon 🌙 chapter 25

One day five years later once she was riding on a tatouk she saw the bike made of bones. She took a picture and we laughed at it’s built.

There were no blood bleeding bones. There was only a few plastic bones hanging like a mat from the bonnet.

One day almost in 2016, she went for a walk pissed off from working even at five in the evening on a weekend.

There was a group of workers from her hometown who worked as daily labourers. There was a new building coming out everyday.

Now, just when Shrum reaches their residencies, a huge garring jarring sound she hears, the bike is at speed.

Shrum saw three men in a bike, the evening was closing in, darkness was just a step away. The street lights were casting their pale yellow glow down on the road. She had been on that road thousands of times. Nothing ever happened.

This bike stopped dead almost half a kilometre away from where Shrum stood. A mild breeze was blowing and Shrum hesitated moving forward.

The men wore deep coloured shirts and she did not notice their pants colour, she was looking at their faces. The faces were raging fire, she was not sure what they were muttering. One of them had a rod like object in his hand.

A man who knew Shrum, one of the labourers came forward shouting,

“Mam go back. Go back.”

Hearing him the other labourers dropped by, total eight of them including their wives began shouting, the area was pretty abandoned and no one stayed still on those homes.

The guy who had the rod slid past all and hit Shrum’s right leg hard. The right leg still has the Black mark caused from the wound.

Shrum hit him back with her fist and the labourers caught him by then.

They ran away riding their bike. Shrum kept the number for long.

Those labourers took her to their home and kept her for an hour. One of them followed her to her home.

She informed no one in her home, her mother did not notice it, nor did her sister.

She quietly bore it down. I went and asked those people what they were saying.

They were not clear what they said.

We again put the matter to rest since the whole point was not making sense.

Her sister had come down to study her masters.

She could not leave.

We did not know the reason yet for this violence.


The Crescent Moon 🌙 chapter 24

But, then he was not well disposed towards her. He believed in competition and did everything to create a competition. He felt good from it, he loved being idolised and given a status of authority. Well, Shrum was never disrespectful yet she never idolised anybody. It was not what she could do but even sun’s rays could never bear with it, however since she maintained a safe distance, she somehow managed.

I told her one day, a rocking idea I know was not a fair play but then elongating life could come only this way.

Who was playing fair anyways? They were not, why were they even seeing her that way

1) Competition

2) Last birth enemies.

3) This birth’s enemies.

4) Friends turned sour?

I wanted to follow their ideas, so I told her to come home and discuss every single word she heard or felt was directed to them. Further, I told her to recite a little bit of roundabout things, included showing that, she would consider if a serious proposal came from New Kumar. A serious proposal but then there would be no guarantee she would accept it.

This would help her and us understand

1) What was wrong? Was it job, was it any behaviour, were they freaks or was she as a human threat to someone. If so, what and why?

We would never vote for her to be out insecure.

She was ignoring but that was making things worse, both at her office and outside. No one visited her except her family. We refrained since public eye was too keen on her.

“What will be the outcome?” For every action always has had an outcome.

I told her “max to max what can happen, they can find you one who says the same things to you and behave the same way with you not on your back but on your front. It was the maximum they could do, they were eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth group after all.

She was not ready for this but there was no option to know who all wanted her out.

Precisely why?

Why were they behaving like they had bought her life?

However, we knew that their increased unnecessary futile impatient attempts forced us to take such an action.

Once, after she had confronted New Kumar she found a man, in a bike who put his index and middle finger on the fun point on his head. Then, looked at her aimed it with a swoosh sound. He blew the thumb as a trigger. That very day, in the afternoon New Kumar avoided looking at her and his constipated look was yuk. She took a picture of that man while he aimed the gun at her. She clicked it from her seat.

I kept all her pics and she deleted it from her system. It was our life line.

The purpose other than competition was not clear.

Once Shrum told out in the open, “women are better than men.”

That created uproar. Sun’s rays could plan well and lot of baseless accusations were made by the office under stern guidance of Durjoy John and now sun’s ray.

One day after we began hearing conversations we understood it was better to stay away from New Kumar. But, then Shrum confronted him asking him why he was behaving so oddly. She proposed a platonic friendship. She was never interested. She knew little that her next five years, people won’t find a better option than him to create a lie. She kept rejected repeatedly.

Meanwhile, my sister returned from the Newark and she confirmed her wellness over the phone. She had been away for six months and instead was away for a year. My sister survived there by tipping her boss. She gave up all her money to he boss, thus ensuring he always sent her to the healthiest of people.

That’s how, she ensured health.

When she left she had only one lakh dollar which in India gave her seventy lakhs. She began her training as a scuba diver and a bungee jumper with that, but later she told

as tips she got more than what she gave her boss.

Another two lakh dollar helped us set her properly in Maldives.

The Crescent Moon 🌙 chapter 23

One day Shrum was just grudging in her office, as I overheard. She left the phone in recording mode, her personal device.

“I don’t get to take an extra leave, I have not gone home so long.”

I felt it was just a general conversation and suddenly sun’s ray said, “I pity you, you know.”

Shrum looked at him, I am sure like she was stung by a bee.

She would not be able to answer back when humans offer such poor portrayals of themselves.

There were now two key players, Suma and Usha apart from New Kumar.

One day I tapped a phone call.

“Break her, or bend her. But it’s difficult.” Usha was saying.

“Nothing is impossible. Soon, Shrum would be on her knees.” Shrum Kumar said.

I had to tell her this and the result was Shrum cried for two days. She thought Usha was at least a friend. Her words other than this statement did not prove she was, but I did not tell all of it to her until she left her job.

She was disappointed with Usha’s behaviour. From Mr. New Kumar she expected less, yet not something this inhuman.

One day, while he was dividing faults and errors, he told her,

“This one is also your error. You have to admit it.”

Her score of errors was exceeding if she took it on head and as I had taught her not to every time take it, she just said,

“It is not my error and I will not accept it.” She nodded her head and wore a defensive look.

Another bomb boom boom!

The man had some strange problem with her. He would doubt her to be big bad things….thief, liar, terrorist, and what not they thought, even a witch.

She was again and again tested for all these parameters. People ran behind her, checked every information about her.

They would keep a note of everything and I am sure in nine years the file was far enough.

She was not checked once but many times, the drill was repeated again and again using different set of people.

Nothing came out.

One day, I overheard that she was dying to relieve her energies. Therefore, she fights so strong with men.

I had never heard woman fighting men hard to stay away.

Now men kept changing who would play the same puppet. We lost count. Still, nothing happened, she stayed where she was and we would.

Sun’s rays would always have eyes which were expressing thousands of doubts even when he was saying, “I know you are a very good human being.”

But, he once said something which came true for her, always in life. While he was leaving to join back again in a year, he told her,

“Don’t worry Shrum whatever will happen, will happen for your good.” They were the parting words.

Strange man, playing cricket had slightly loosened him but not in entirety.

The Crescent Moon 🌙 chapter 22

What to do? The cat gave birth to four litters. Now these kittens were barely one month old and very beautiful. Shrum could not leave them and go away.

We were deciding to change her house.

We were searching.

Now, I had a doubt that the cat was extremely friendly, so I wanted to know.

A few tappings confirmed that the cat was placed in the house to create or increase the fear factor. So, that she went to someone searching for shelter. It was proven.

Well, the sad part was the trouble makers chose the Goddess of the underworld, cats as they are widely known to create fear within Shrum.

She healed Shrum and told her how to counter it.

Now, one day when her father came to visit. A young boy knocked at the door about one thirty in the afternoon. Shrum opened the door, it was Saturday.

“Mam I have come from an MBA institute and as part of the project I am supposed to sell as many copies of this encyclopaedia.” He held one in his hand.

“No, thanks, we don’t need an encyclopaedia at the end of the day.”

“Well, Mam it covers the entire city’s information. They are making a bike Mam using real bones of humans. In another five years time it would be ready.” The boy twisted his neck and a crunching sound appeared like that of a skeleton.

“So?” He turned the pages and there stood the bike with bones dripping in blood.

She closed the door and called me, “Are they planning to use my bones?” We had a good hearty laugh.

Now, Mr. New Kumar was becoming quite out of control.

After the first instance where Shrum asked Mr. New Kumar if he belonged to a bullet club seeing his T-shirt, she did not further have any conversation. A genuine conversation was expected but she chose to refrain it since she had not found bikers around. Now she does not talk anymore.

The manager Pure brought Mr. New Kumar and another Ph.D holder to Shrum one day, to shadow her work. Shrum nodded as she always nodded for everything and began showing a case she did.

“Since when are you working here?” He asked.

“Two years.” She responded.

He asked some other questions and she replied with a smile on her face. Now, any doubts they had she would clear for them. He trained another man who had a nice son and in the same batch known to be tough one. He did not disturb her and learnt all that she told him.

But then again Mr. New Kumar attempted flirting, staring out like she did not know his real look.

She ignored and she hoped, he would stop at this.

But, then he did not. One day a woman was discussing virginity and Shrum just said, “why to give it up uselessly.”

He jumped in, “As if it is so precious. It is available anywhere, everywhere. Big deal.”

She looked at him, went back to her place.

Few days, the manager would send him to call for meetings.

“Come, come.” He said one day.

Someone from the other end asked where?

They laughed as they exchanged glances, Shrum stared blankly.

Now, New Kumar is a very seemingly jolly looking person. Shrum ignores him.

She wore a red dress on the Valentine’s Day, as per the theme and went to talk around. He bent down his head and his face had an irritated look.

“Did he think I wore it for him? Big deal.” I was meanwhile understanding the scenario. But not allowing a situation to head start, and to allow proceed in its course would lead to bigger jolts. The wisdom was to quietly let it pass since we were not interested.

“We found one thing. Some people are creeping behind her. Sun’s rays would challenge her with odd and abrupt questions if she made errors in the case.

“What did you study, basically?”

She had to go for her mother’s check up. Now their work was hampered. She would take her leaves over it and work from home for another few days.

But, then work from home used to be tough with a single screen. They were made to use double screens mostly. Less work, less targets, more balance work and left over, the counts were very important in this business.

So one day Ray of Hope suggested,

“Why don’t you show here. I had a friend whose relative actually died in that hospital you visit. You can show here there are very good hospitals. If you want I can help.”

“Great, now they want you to act as per their will. If something goes wrong who will pay? Your selfless company?”

We laughed again.

Due to the leaves going over these check ups she could not go home. The paid leaves were not given to her, she was not allowed.

She asked many times.

Pure would refuse her.

The crescent moon 🌙 chapter 22

“What do I do, without you?

What can you say except a mew?

One day when I meet my Prince Charming,

I want to remember you.

The world is slightly on the edges,

I have to pull a lot of sledges,

Yet, I am happy to find you,

You and me have no grudges.

Now as I have met my charmer,

Yet I find him to be quite distant & calmer,

Checking pulse, recording smells; quite heart warming.

Yet I could not tell him yet about you.

You see it’s a little fuzzy, crazy, dizzy.

I have to love him from far, missy,

I will tell him in my dreams about you,

Tirki, the kids and a hazy, buzzy.

A song I made for her, humming it as it danced with me in the dark stepping on my veil and simmering around. It was February the next year when Tirki first came in, then came her kids in May.

Till then, the man seemed to scare her a bit through his actions and the woman through her words.

At midnight, after she slept off, he would hammer on the wall and not just one day, it was more than one day.

Then, near her wardrobe, there would be heavy breathing wounds. Tirki would scratch the door of the wardrobe like crazy.

She recorded all of it and send it to me. We laughed at the stupid attempts.

One day her neighbor stood looking at her straight with hairs hanging on the front hiding her face in the dark as Shrum prepared dinner.

Tirki was missing a few nights and when in the midnight she would go to the washroom, through the window she would see gloved hands holding her rocking her front and back.

One day she was in such a dangling mode when someone just threw him on the kitchen window.

Initially it was hard to understand the dark gloves but then one day, the last day such an incident occurred she filmed it.

We could not move her so soon, on pretext of what would we do that?

Then there were footsteps on her stairs which went to the terrace.

One day through the curtain she saw a man moving up and down quite a few times but then it was not her owner, neither her neighbors.

On two occasions, she saw a child following her to her room.

There was an extended parapet and one day there was some noise on that, when she went out to check with me on the other side of the phone, she realised the child was hiding all this while there, he jumped onto the railing and directly jumped down. She captured it on her phone and send a pic when the child was looking back.

One day while in office, the owner called her saying,

“Shrum we are hearing some footsteps in your house, some loud thud, are you family in?”

I send a girl and she said there was no one.

She was being followed on bikes and cars. She kept a few numbers but then enquiry was not possible since it would have to be brought into notice of someone as to what was happening. No one helps in the city and specially if the people are rich.

One day the wife asked her, “why don’t you come and sleep with me, here and your uncle sleeps on the other room? Aren’t you scared to sleep alone?

She said, “no.”

“Aren’t you bored of sleeping alone, I mean pretty boring to be left alone by the world?”

She said she was not at all bothered.

One day she asked her to lock her gate every time since lot of chain snatchers were in the city.

On another day, she asked her to walk at eleven thirty at night to the ice cream shop for an ice cream.

She said, “no thanks the ENT gets blocked, I can’t have one.”

She invited her for a breakfast which gave her vomiting and headache.

When I came to the city first I too tolerated shit, but then I began keeping a tap. It cost me but that helped. Shrum was not at all in favour of imitating others so I did whenever I could, I had to keep her safe.

Why did we not flee nor change the house?

Fleeing was not an option. A city is their home and it’s useless. It thrills such psychotic people when they understand people are scared. Frankly speaking nobody was, since it was not something beyond the radar.

Why not protest?

Some storms should just be stood to let the storm pass. So we stood as the storms passed. In fact we sat down, slept over it.

The Crescent Moon 🌙 chapter 21

A home, far from a home is what she seemed.

Meanwhile confusions and chaos overtook her work.

The two men who went returned and Kushan and the other guys were now competitive. The happy news was the other guy was searching for a bride.

Shrum asked him, “tell me so you are searching for a bride?”

“Why are you interested? You seem very happy.”

Of course she was, she finally thought she would be free of another tyranny.

There was a new manager who had joined and there was a new project, he made Shrum handle almost more than two thousand five hundred cases.

One day, while he coughed up a small credit for Shrum the other guy seemed sad, he was competing it was clear from his face. Shrum knew next he would dance to the tunes and he would become a manager.

I was amazed by Shrum’s ability to not consider praise as an important part of work. You praise her or you don’t praise her, it did not matter to her as long as she was moving in the wheel and was not locked up. Well, they made her an SME, a subject matter expert for the most difficult cases and then gave her a a promotion.

She was meanwhile closing her years and counting her days.

Meanwhile all was well, months passed. Her mother often complained of his house owners odd postures in which he stood leaning on the lone tree in front of his home as her mom, would go shopping during the evening. Her mother was staying with Shrum as her father was home for his job. Now, I tapped their home.

They were amazed that she was staying away from her husband for six months, no physical connection was astonishing for the couple.

Aunt had sniffed it and ignored it wholly.

We all ignored him, but then one day aunt had to go back.

In these six months she was working at the same speed, 15/7.

She was to train , grt trained, it was draining. But, instead of growing towards the job, she grew away from it. She grew away from those humans. That is when I understood why husband and wife need to have mental compatibility.

With her softness, genuine and understanding outlook she kept moving. Whenever she loosened up a bit, Pure would chase her for getting the work done.

She would chase the people who reacted vehemently in return towards her.

She was sandwiched in between.

There were seniors who reacted badly at her rise.

They did not attend her trainings or came late, asked absurd questions.

They made faces and made fun of her horribly.

She ignored. One day, one lady asked her,

“Do you even know the definition of literature that you go for trainings?”

“If you think I don’t, why don’t you check out the Work instructional manual tick tick too and let me also know.”

Some seniors would not listen to her and would make issues with the new manager, Rays of Sun. Now, Rays of Sun wanted to know if she misbehaved but unfortunately she would be stern but not rude never.

Fun was Rays of Sun was very disturbed by her nature. He picked the pulse and began devising ways. I alerted her but what could we do, we had to just not let thee scorpion sting us, we had to run, confuse, apply force to stop it but definitely not kill them.

That was not our business.

But, then a cat came to her home one day in the wet September. She liked the creature and gave her milk, fish, respect and a warm bed.

Tirki was her name. Tirki and Shrum would spend days happily together. Tirki would wait for her to return home and she had already begun confusing them.

The Crescent Moon 🌙 chapter 21

If you have read LOTR you might have come across a beautiful character, Tom Bombardil a man free of temptations.

You could never tempt Shrum, she never did what she thought was not right.

They were trying to tempt her with falsifications however, it was not working on her.

Shrum, and temptations is a hilariously funny combination.

She was taught right from wrong,

Fair from unfair.

What she was not taught was good from bad.

She knows if it’s a true thing or not. She always does. The morons tried to tempt her with boys, fears of money, some goon gangster actions, but she was never looking for such things.

So, the most illogical part was they were trying one after the other.

The hilarious part was they had no other ways known to tempt a real human.

The dangerous part was they were growing impatient with each passing day.

The only ever temptation I have seen her was when she met that doctor in the hospital. She went to him again and again, messaged him a zillion. I am sure even when she goes every year, he would always tempt her to meet him. But she would not do that, she is far too strong. Since she loves him and now she knows the world, she knows even if she harmlessly goes to meet him the world would twist it otherwise and he would also not appreciate her presence since he would not know then that he loves her. The only way to not see the perturbed face she met the last day she tried meeting him, perturbed but happy was by letting him live his life while she would live hers with him beside her.

Now, as we talk about temptations, we have to understand that temptations work through lies, a girl who smells lies would not be tempted. Maybe, Jesus worked in her well, even though she was not one of them, but her soul was close to serving him.

So, nothing worked even in her PG. She went through some stupid daily stuffs in those walls.

Her haemoglobin came down to seven eating the soda mixed rise, she was swollen.

The owner did not give her two thousand five hundred bucks.

Sara stole her hundred bucks, her roommate.

She had a bad diarrhoea and no one could treat it well. She suffered for the last three months.

Apart from all the other confusions. The girl who was the worst hit was a lesbian girl.

They genuinely bid her good bye and brought her a gift.

“This is for helping us stay sane inside the washroom. I don’t know if we can ever be together, my family is seeking a groom for me.”

“I tried helping two people who loved each other. Rest now is your fate. You guys used to whisper all your plans, I am sorry but I heard some.” Shrum smiled bravely.

The Crescent Moon 🌙 chapter 20

“Can that other guy be such dumb?”

“Why did he do like that?”

“I don’t know Di, today in the office I just said something like, why to bother so much about money. You can be happy with less money also, not nil but less.”

He said, “Ahaa!” from the next cubicle. I was conversing with that PG mate of mine who was telling you only need money. So I said not only money, you need other things also. I thought he was appreciating a fact. How do I know why he acted that way, it made no sense Di.”

“Okay leave it. It was not your problem. I heard you anyways. But I just thought maybe if you had gone to the other cubicle to him for something.”

For safety issues, I had asked her to switch on the recorder whenever she was having a discuss around for me to be able to come to right conclusion. Someone had to know she was right till the end. I knew destiny had made me that person and I did not want to fail this time. She was naive and humans cannot treat them as jokers, ghosts or fools. They hold no right to do so. She understood all of it, yet her job was a requirement and she hoped till the end that humanity still existed in this world.

I did not want to snatch her innocence, so wherever not required I have not shared the drama and all the crap I overheard over phones.

Business conversations I never heard, since her clients had given her a lot of recognition and that very year, a very nice woman made her subject matter expert for literature. She held client calls and also trained floors, attended meetings but her dedication was slighted with matters which were weaved by them to promote their tribes, promote people who bribed them, their state, manager’s state and creed became important.

Well, as the story unfolds human effort made by idiots and stupid people should never be underestimated.

As they say, “never underestimate the power of stupidity.”

Well, she did not and thus she completed more than what she had planned in the place with gratitude and came out safely on her own terms. She did not give a reason to fight nor fought.

As I said this series is intended to entertain and enlighten readers and does not intend more than that through several lives.

The Crescent Moon 🌙 chapter 19

So, now Pure had come in. In between these three months, they were to get hikes.

Shrum was not expecting a hike given she was being pulled so much.

Pure had joined as a manager. He had again called Shrum to room#8 as though it was the decision room.

“Tell me what happened? What is this chaos?”

She told him the afternoon incident. She also demanded him to call other members of the team who were present. She fought with him in the closed room.

“When there were so many why am I the only one to be called into the room? Why tell me. I am new, I didn’t even know why she called us in the first place. Call people who were absent and present. Maria was present and you can ask her.”

In this chaos, even then Shrum believed in the good in humans. Maria used to be sweet to her, even until few years before Shrum left Maria used to use her conscience but then she lost it, perhaps her need or her desire to be famous or her weakness.

Pure used his mind despite dancing to others tunes.

He did call others to the room.

Kushan and the other guy walked in, who had spread his arms in front of the whole office waiting for cabs and Shrum had only smiled ignoring it completely. A smile to just counter the situation, to show she took it funnily. If he had been the man she loved she would have hugged him back. But then, they somehow did not know Shrum had not found the face.

Poor girl she found the face which ignored him, she found it six years later in 2017 before her birthday.

Probably karma was confused of her actions. She does not mind though she is happy.

Now they nodded to every question that Pure asked them about Nita.

Pure used his mind, Nita was asked to put down.

She gargled a lot and even cried in front of Pure as Shrum sat in her’s. It was the adjacent cubicles.

She did not like it at all. Who was the target even through some phone calls I could not make out. But it seemed Shrum would be safe for a few months until next hike.

Last day Nita asked her to take care, and she went till the door to bid her goodby.

The Crescent Moon 🌙 chapter 18

“Well, so Di I saw some houses but we need brokers. The girl in my office Anu, I told you the other day remember, she is wanting complete advance now since it’s her uncle who looks after the house. Babes you need to pay it all. ”


Now you remember my cab mate, that girl who was talking to King one day about someone falling behind me. The one who keeps bugging me to work less as she perhaps does not want the score board to raise the targets. She however seemed helpful. She gave me the contact number of a broker and I called him. He has asked me to come tomorrow.”

“Simply you could have come and stayed with me. Why don’t you do that?”


“Okay fine, righteous girl go, let me know if you need help. Check upon the owner, should be an educated one.”

The next day she comes back, tells me that the owner is a Ph.D and runs an NGO. They don’t have children and the wife Meera was too sweet to be true but anyways, the portions are separate and there would be no need to check upon them ever except for the monthly rents.

I agreed, verified and told her to not mingle at all. The reviews said the man would fight too much unnecessarily. There was no record that they had ever done any harm but there was a young bachelor guy and girl who left only too soon. It could be spooky, however the home had a green patch before her flat and she was happy to have finally found a home.

Most of them hesitated, some even agreed however did not intimate later. There was a family which said they can identify women by their eyes and that she was not at all looking any which ways odd, yet since they were Muslims they might find some resistance from society.

Uncle and aunt came down with her little sister. She was happy. Though aunt did not like them, but then they agreed with her.

Now, the fun happened when she informed her new manager Pure that she was changing the cab and moving to a home.

The first day Pure met the team, she sat on the last seat and he began asking intros from her. He was going in her cab. Though she would be lost in songs and music all this while, she was often worried about him.

The reason was, soon after he came the floor was burning with what happened behind the closed doors with Shrum and Shrum did not give out to anyone in her office as to why she was called. She stuck to the version the director told her to tell others.

Her mother told her to not jeopardise his position since he might feel threatened thus taking unnecessary actions. She had a point very simple, yet very wise.

She did not know the game though. Her father also suggested that she must stay away from such people, he said “you must be wary of crocodiles which hide in deep waters. You are simple. Stay away.”

He was closer.

Now, I was the closest. I knew the game was changing and the reason was still not clear. Staging, drama and such big things for what?

But of course, the more bigger the reason, the more bigger the trap.

I told her to keep a straight head and to move on, she had done nothing wrong and she must not fear. I asked her to segregate from the crowd. Even Rom told her the same.

She did segregate. She worked, became very professional and stopped smiling even at people. She had seen some people before her being cornered and she knew it was better to corner yourself on your own.

She ate alone, rudely denied anyone who offered to sit with her for dinner, did her work.

Now this manager was only travelling three months with her and another girl Reena in her cab. Her change of cab struck him, God knows why?

He reacted badly. Now Shrum was clueless as to why he was angry. She did not even talk to him. I got it faster.

“He is thinking you are not travelling with him, so distancing is perhaps somehow pulling him into the radar. Unmarked as he was, he got scared that tomorrow if you tell anything about him.”

“Why would I tell stupid things?”

“He is a small mind, so he is thinking. You can’t help it. He will try to test. Be prepared for every such occasion and make sure they can’t prove anything.”

“How will they prove it and what?”

“See they will try to test your discomfort level in his presence to see if you are uncomfortable around him.

Since he travels in the cab with a driver, he knows as much as you know there was no problem.

Now, these people will put into his head this fact. So, if you are uncomfortable then

1) you are trying to either tap a young bachelor for your benefit be it marriage or living in or

2) you are trying to play a game of thrones by removing him and rising the ladder faster as they are anticipating. Of course an ambitious woman will adopt many ways. If none of these two then of course,

3) the last one is, you are a woman who is ill intentioned. You want to loot all bachelors and that’s your motto.

That’s the trap Shrum, if once they can prove the first point they will channelise you accordingly. First one of course means no growth in career, they may find you a chap as per their understanding of your standards and they ask you to put up through hell with him. You marry, you flee, you murder, you run away, you settle with him as a boyfriend, you will be open box.

Don’t you know an unmarried lone woman is an open door.

If they find the second point they will again move you differently. This one will ask you to do everything you see people asking ambitious people to do including ding dong.

If they can prove the third point they move you in a different dimension. The third dimension is a straight way to hell.

In all the three above ways, your horses are in their hands and since they hold your horses, you have to do everything they ask you to do.

“Ohh! I see. But why all this?”

“They have seen every potential in you sadly, they have twisted a few also. Your cleverness is portrayed in the wrong light I am sure too.

They are linked to bigger objects. I must check.”