Gawk up! Into the sky….

As I gawk at the wondrous mountains,

I do stare at the roaring chopper,

I do not know what looks lovelier?

The chopper saving lives or the cruel mountains making, destroying and creating life….

Mountain love I call it,

As though they beckon me…over the fiercest, drowsy strife


Wishes to touch the Moon

Persistence, I have heard wishes to touch the moon.

The prickly Bougainvillea does not require a nod

to harbour the bloom of large pink, purple, white

blooming sight, which wishes to protect the flower pod.

I have never felt more at home, but when I do

It is the love of the most precarious sight.

Beauty raises it’s height in a persevering soul.

But, perseverance is never meant to mould

life into love of fine, gold or cold firing.

I have it but does it help? If it does, what makes

It so folded, razed and barren, what makes people

Look at it with awe, holding a taming saw.

I have grown in a valley where nothing else grows.

I mow the lands where people have lost their vows.

I try to reach out, yet it does not help.

I try to blend but perseverance is a huge kelp.

Asking for more and more and more.


Have we ever defined beauty?

Can we ever define it?

Given we live small, we live less,

we create havoc, we fear, we worry.

We have to, since our stomachs would

growl otherwise, we would die otherwise.

We fear death and we fear grief, we fear

losing our beauty but do we ever set to define it?

To define it, we need to know this entire universe

I must say, to define it we need to know

our smallness, we need to know our greatness,

we need to hold our egos at bay.

Beauty is just one word of many

but no word is more pronounced,

more used, we are always worried about it,

Yet we cannot retain it in a form we define beauty.

Youth is beautiful.

Married couple is beautiful.

A baby is beautiful.

A rose is beautiful 🌹

The moon is beautiful.

What about the rest?

Are they not beautiful?

Or we do not understand beauty?

Do we not understand beyond a certain frame?

Do we not understand beyond a certain dame?

Look close and meditate one day over the term.

You will be surprised by your find, I can say.

You will love all in the end, I can surely say.


Hi folks,

It’s one thing to write a book and it’s another to post a review.

In this case I was trying my hand on the latter.

The book is a nice little thing, and you can find it here.×0.jpg

In this book, the second heading goes as, “Live while you can for there will be plenty of time to drag on….”

So here you find a small story about a journey.

Disconnected Vibes is a journey each one of us wishes to undertake but postpones it for some or the other reason. We tend to have time for everything else in life but ourselves and simple and inexpensive pleasures. This book aims at breaking the social barriers and taking a leap towards the ignored territory.
Devoid of repetitions and preaching, the book is a collection of reminders we all need from time to time to reinfuse purpose, humor and a bit of twist to the journey called life.

Read it, keep it, Love it…’s different so have it…all I can tell you…

I would rate it **** 4 stars ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️….

It’s nice …catch up while you travel in cabs, buses, trains and metro.

Happy reading.πŸ¦‹πŸ¦‹πŸ¦‹πŸ¦‹

Thanks so much LunaπŸ˜€πŸ¦‹

Thanks to Luna for her wonderful words…

I am so touched and now that we are friends she worries how many copies I sold after her post…when I checked my mail today morning….

Sometimes just maybe sometimes we meet such wonderful people….

Who become friends in times to come..

Your work has touched my heart, no doubt there is nothing more that I seek…

A sale won’t be bad..but then your work is like a pail

Full of water, full of care, your friendship is precious to me and will always be one of my peaks.