Can chasing dreams lead us anywhere other than depression?


Does chasing your dreams lead you astray into a state of depression or leads you away from it?

1) The first question to consider,

Do dreams matter?

Or, they lead us astray into a state of rejection and depression?

Can chasing dream lead us anywhere other than depression?

I think and completely feel, they do.

In fact, every happiness, joy, sadness and pain is linked directly or indirectly to our dreams.

This whole world is rather an extension of the dreams spread through the minds of millions. If we did not have a mind, we would never, have had, this world.

In fact, if you look into this world, dreams are the only dots, which innumerable humans keep dreaming, fulfilling and some humans who join the dots.

The whole world is drawn around a single man’s dream or often, many men’s dream.

Look at any organisation or anything great ๐Ÿ‘ or gigantic around, or look ๐Ÿ‘€ at any small effort. It is always someone’s dreams.

2) Why do our dreams often not come true?

Now, what happens if you dream the wrong dreams? Dreams which do not fit a social structure or a social pattern, being practiced at that point of time.

Well well, often this is one reason why they don’t take the desired shape.

Sometimes, available resources, matter, sometimes life itself matters, since, it can get impacted by millions of factors. I am sure every human, above the age of ten, has at least, one broken dream to recount.

3) A story

“There was once an old man, to whom people came for job counselling. Now, this man was doing a business of making pillows, in a time when the whole world was preparing for war. As a result it did not work for him. As his business failed and his funds came down, the man was very depressed, this man thus saw no harm in visiting the old man. He then, went to see the old man, in hope of some good counsel.

“In a land of wars, you should be making blades and spades instead of pillows. So, as you, see, when the world is dreaming war, there are millions who earn by selling the dream of wars.

“Very few can dream of peace, even at such times of wars, since this signifies going upstream and that’s difficult.” Such is the human nature.” said the ๐Ÿ‘ด old man.

4) How to think?

Now, this is how our world is constantly changing shape and size.

If you look at it, every human has a dream, but, unfortunately they are like those balloons which we chase. We often, are however, unaware of whether a dream would affect us or not, initially.

But, slowly, as it takes shape, we see that dreams make up our lives, and also can break our lives.

There are millions of dreams which are being broken every single day. Some people, unable to tackle its impact, take up their own lives or take up others lives.

Some, people however are gutsy enough to know that often you are unable to catch a balloon at one shot, many shots are often required to catch it.

Failures can either lead to a depressed state of mind or it can also lead you to new directions.

People who are well, at analysing as to why they failed, instead of sitting and brooding at the mere thought of failure often succeed.

So, basically, if you want to succeed, you have to analyse what things went wrong, and if possible, you got to correct them.

There is nothing called failure in this world. There is only alignment.

If you can align your thoughts and actions to the choices you made, there is a chance that you would succeed.

Disclaimer– This formulae cannot be applied to, however, love. Love is the only true magic in this world. How you love, whom you love, why you love, when you love and who you love, is a dimension which opens up, and when it does, none of the laws applicable to this Earth works anywhere else.

5) Can chasing dreams lead us anywhere?

So, now we know that when dreams are everything then why should we not chase it? Since, chasing them Ian the only way to ensure whether we are right or wrong about ourselves. Thus, chasing dreams lead us anywhere?

Initially, when we begin, our lives, none of the balloons ๐ŸŽˆ are ours but, slowly, we begin ๐Ÿฑ catching them and as we do, we do, get hold of some, for sure.

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Light for the whole day and for the evenings!



Overthinking of life in today’s world. But, does it help?

Well, well.

Overthinking is a tool which is used mostly by all, as I have observed, except my Dad ๐Ÿ™ƒ.

Overthinking of life in this world ๐ŸŒŽ is quite a common practice, but how much does it help you?

It helps only when it is used as a tool.

What kind of tool? Well, lets see it.

1) An author’s weapon

Thoughts ๐Ÿ’ญ are such a challenge to an author or writer. I think ๐Ÿ’ญ every author fears only, but one โ˜๏ธ thing. What is it? Do you know?

Complete cessation of thought ๐Ÿ’ญ production process.

Thoughts become words after application of appropriate filters and a writer earns from it.

If Thoughts die โ˜๏ธ fine day, there will be no writers at all.

Thus, overthinking and dissecting a thought to produce ten others is a trick they apply to survive.

2) A poor man’s fear

A poor man is scared ๐Ÿ˜ณ to think even his day sometimes, leave alone overthinking. He neither has stamina, nor utility to do so.

3) A rich man’s confusion

A rich man can overthink since he has all the time. But, often he doesn’t know which string of thoughts are most faithful. Thus, leaving all Thoughts and sticking to one flow which seems appropriate to him is what he prefers to go with.

4) A stout man’s time waster

A stout man can achieve everything using his ๐Ÿ‘Š and does not require ๐Ÿ’ญ much. So, he also prefers often to stick to the tricks, he knows can make him survive in the world.

5) An ordinary man’s ๐Ÿ˜ก madness

An ordinary man is a plain thinker. He doesn’t know much. So, he prefers to think that overthinking is just a madman’s hobby. He avoids it and suppresses it a sense much as possible.

To add on, all these above points can be a negative ๐Ÿ‘Ž trigger for many, thus helping depression set in, sometimes.

1) The first type can be depressed if they can’t overthink. Depression cause.

2) Second type is scared ๐Ÿ˜ณ of consequences and hence overthinking can be depressing.

3) Being unable to judge as to which chain to continue on, a wrong chain can lead to experiencing severe depression.

4) A stout man is healthier when not thinking much. Thus, he isn’t wasting time when he is overthinking and time wasted can trigger a feeling of uselessness and thus leads one on the path of depression.

5) An ordinary man is mad when unwanted thoughts wade across his mind. He gets mad at it and hence avoids it. Being unable to avoid it, they get a string of reactions which again lead the man on the same path.

Hope you have some more thoughts on this.

Writer’s intent

I would like to take this opportunity to bare my soul on a topic.

Just like films made are often inspired by someone or some event or something.

Similarly writing is an author’s attempt to understand a particular topic.

Styles of writing may vary.

1) Aggressive

2) Compassionate

3) Narrative

4) Argumentative

5) Descriptive

6) Deceptive

7) Realistic

8) Imaginative

It is an author attempting to know and find a grip on a topic, a connection with the audience. Often, it is inspired by real life that we see around us and in an attempt to understand it, we might mention something relevant to reality.

Thus, no human should consider it to be a thought of an author rather, should consider it as a thought process. Since, thoughts like our lives are a constantly changing process.

The only constant is change, as we all know.

Good and light to all.


Coexistence of a single species in a limited ๐Ÿš€!!

Coexistence of single species in this limited resourced world. What do we understand by it?

There are many moments in life when I have tried analysing what true coexistence would be?

If true existence is a one sided word, true coexistence would be a two sided word. We have to exist, and also let others exist.

Sometimes, this leads to slight confusions. Why? Since there are so many people and you might hurt one or the other, if people are taking you too seriously. In the sense, if they feel, that there is a comment or a statement which hurts their feelings and opinions.

Well, in Coexistence of a single species in this limited resourced world,ย I felt, we have to keep a distance. ย I would like to call it a measurable and respectable distance. Each has to respect it and also not cross the barriers. We all have choices.ย 

My choices have to be taken seriously ๐Ÿ˜’ in order to take make me consider their views seriously. Now, first move should be from the society and not from the single individual. Choices of a human are solely ruled by the spirit of that human and hence, ignoring a spirit is same as ignoring the person. Forcing the person to do something against his/her wishes is crossing this thin line.

R.N Tagore says, “If nobody is willing to walk with you (meaning your choices) then prefer to walk alone.”

I live in a society also. Thus, as long as I am a part of this society, I would be expecting that the society embraces my thoughts, choices, likes and dislikes. If I get this opportunity, given that my choices does not harm anybody else in the process, I would be equally interested in promoting that very society.

Thus, if coexistence of single species in this limited resourced world. What do we understand by it? I live in a society which is constantly competing with my growth, by spreading tough, extravagant ordeals in order to suppress me, then very obviously ๐Ÿ™„ we would no longer want that society to be a part of us.ย 

Note: Please note that the word “I” is used for illustrative purposes.

Rollercoasterrideinlife and Depression and woman

IV) Few lessons:

Please remember these few lessons to stop yourself from getting depressed :

1) You never believe what they say. You are important, remember. This will keep you away from depression. Often, the human subconscious can get into such a state, if your mind is weak. Check the film Flightplan. Its a perfect example of how much conspiracy is often required to drive another human into a belief that others want you to think is true. You have to be like the mother who could use logical reasoning and hold onto her own experiences and beliefs. The reason as to why she could rescue her daughter in the end.

2) Remember that each incident teaches you a lesson. In my case I had only seen the good and helping nature of people, fighting people, harmful people, but this certain variety had come to my personal life very less. I needed to know these variety and their power to ensure that I would be able to live considering every form of living. This will keep you away from depression.

3) You need not forget such people, you need not hate them, you need not harm them, you need not strike a deal with them. If some of them apologize or even if they do not apologize, forgive them anyways but don’t ever consider them in your life.

4) Like in my case, when i used yo go to that place, I used to recall people wise the harms they intended and inflicted and what suffering or damage I could have gone through. Even if you repeat the lessons you learned remember that is all you should do and, do not react to them or their actions in any which ways.

5) Remember through you God is showing them your kind exists and the strength and weaknesses of your ways of living and through them God is showing you their strength and weaknesses.

6) Often even if you are just remembering those events, or just discussing it with people you are most comfortable with, the people if they somehow understand you are discussing them, they might feel good, narcissistic tendency, so they try to pretend a lot of things. Don’t start explaining or denying the fact, unless you are good enough to play around bad points.

Just be calm and soon you would again be doing your work, so they cannot overpower you. Give up thoughts and fears.

7) Last thing, do not try to become like them, if that means you have to go through discussions innumerable times with your friends and families, bring your horror levels low through discussions.

8) Choose in between what all things you are good at and move to those,ย  away from the madding crowd. If you ever meet such people on the road again, you know for sure that they cannot do the same thing to you because this time you walk down the road with a book of life called experience.

Remember they are just playing the role of bullies, immature fanatics often, trying to trample you down since they cannot like the way you are, and they cannot let you flourish because if you do so then they would feel bad and worthless.

To keep up their worth, they try to bring you down. So, they try to attack everything they consider valuable or know the value of.

Those include




V) So, friends decide and look into each event very closely.

1) Fight your demons which try to join them making you weak. Subjugate those. Yfi

2) Evoke their goodness since every human has it, preventing them from bringing any major harm to you.

3) Trust that these three are not the cornerstones alone. But, yes don’t let them have it all.

In China once a thief entered a home of a saint. The saint asked him to take everything and not to disturb him in his prayers. So the thief took all and had to leave back the hut for the saint.

So, you should also try to keep the hut in this battle. Remember if you are belonging to a certain pole, you will meet more of the opposite pole.

In Bible there are few verses which says that the stronger you are, the worser you encounter from opposite end.

Have you ever seen Captain America take down a small tout?

The Jatakas mention stories where demons are assigned as per the strength of the man.

VI) So, here two things are happening.

1) Your strength and faith is being tested. So, if you don’t change and they do, it’s God’s victory. If you change it is God’s loss so don’t let him lose. If no one changes its still fine, it shows you have to refine your skills more and till you perform the desired number of conversations God would keep sending a bulk of same strength and kind in your way.

2) You are being used as a weapon of God to run his show. So, run it.

Remember in this world nothing is yours. You are merely using resources given to you by the God. So, have that much and a little enough for your weak flesh so that you can continuously keep doing his work.

Read the Bible, stories of Jatakas or Dhammapads or any book which can helpย  you focus on these points ina more vivid manner.

Light and rest to all!

Rollercoaster ride on life & depression


Hey ๐Ÿ‘‹ย guys,

Rollercoasterrideinlife eyes sail through it.

Tips for depression

If you have come across other people, you might have come across as well with many depressed people over a lifetime.

I would call upon all to remember your situation and follow the below tips.

We talk about a lot of sins but I think the greatest sin of all, is to attempt terrorising people by wicked means.

Meanwhile i give you some points as example, things which can lead to depression.

Now, how can depression set in?

THE Rollercoaster ride in life fall out of balance?

Depression can set in when your mind is trained to think in a certain way, but it has to respond to challenges, so it forces itself to thinking in another way.

I would tell you how certain events could be very depressing and triggers but they won’t, if you are aware of them and the harm they can build around you.

In India and many other developing nations, being a woman and voicing anything against men is utterly a sin. Specially, if you deny anybody of any pleasure seeking activity.

Men have to understand that women can comply with wants, wishes of various kinds (even as small as accompanying a person to dinner or ๐Ÿด) only if she wants. She can like a man whom she marries, prefers to befriend (not forced friendships), or does any act of emoticons or develops any closeness or she may choose not to. She need not explain the society or the world what or why she prefers not to choose a person over someone else.

But, in India ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ณย people demand an explanation ridiculously, “you chose him, why not me?”

“It’s my personal life you need to scream your lungs out.”

The citizens must remember hooliganism is a good weapon but the world should not promote it as an universal weapon, a single spice mix to be used in all curries.

I) Some challenges

1) Change of place type like moving from a big to a small city or vice versa.

2) Getting across a wrong crowd- Well this is a huge trigger. Often, our job types and our surroundings are largely influential in the kind of people you are exposed to. Like being exposed to a crowd whose values are different from yours.

II) Workplace scenario.

Now, in a workplace, when you maybe trying to adjust,

1) You come across conspirators who are trying to replace you or trying to keep you, using a tactic which would make you more beneficial for them.

Rather than letting your original energy flow, they try to create an alternate energy flow within you.

2) You come to know that what little people you trusted, they were also a part of the same group. Trusted like friends, lets say. You allowed some handful of people to know you a bit.

3) Now, same thing happened to me. But, I could not leave the job, nor could I adjust to their purposes and to the people. So, I struggled through a job where there was a vast difference between the way people thought around me and the way I did.

4) Complaining generally,ย  is of no use. Since, that can trigger things to unnecessary and uncontrollable proportions.

5) Often staying out of a job is also not possible due to different issues.

Now, there is no way you can make the world believe what you say, and trust me they know how you are. But, they do it because they believe in the philosophy that:

If you tell a lie a thousand times that becomes a truth.

III) Now, see how we make errors in our life.

@) We underestimate the power of such people- Don’t underestimate the power they possess. They can turn a very good thinking crowd into believing because they can create stories. Our natural reflex to this phenomenon is fear initially. Now, this can cause you major harm if you do not control it.

@) Next is seeing the true intentions of people will shock you. This is another point where you can get depressed. So, the best thing to do is to let go of how people are.

You cannot control what they do, but you can control how you think.

@) Another way is exaggerating your personal life. If you smile at someone they say you flirted, if you talk to someone they say you tried crafty talks instead of telling the truth, if you sit with someone and have dinners and lunches you are dating those all people at one time, if any guy passes lewd comments or does some lewd gesture and you feel shocked then you responded to them and God forbid, you call someone your friend in error or exchanged gifts then you are their partners.

@) People know the power of immaturity thus they do not leave it because it serves their purpose and this is one purpose where the weapon of immaturity is used.

Ever facing such a scenario where you find such loose environmental ways of dealing with humanity.

Rollercoasterrideinlife eyes sail through it.

Rollercoasterrideinlife depression. be able to wade through the ๐Ÿ’ฆ of the ordinary human life, we have to often stand when we are at the weakest. Living is a constant process of struggle, growth, new learnings, improvisations and strong ๐Ÿ’ช will power. If we cannot understand what or how we require to be in a society, we maybe termed naรฏvetรฉ. Thus, towards our constant process to entropy what we build behind is what this world ๐ŸŒŽ is all about. Rest a while, find strength and motivation and move on with your lives. Human life can often be jeopardised, any form of it can go wrong or right.ย 

In the words of Frida Kahlo,

I hope the leaving is joyful; and I hope never to return.


I tried to drown my sorrows, but the bastards learned how to swim, and now I am overwhelmed by this decent and good feeling.

Thus, whenever I feel down or listless, these words float through my mind space ๐Ÿš€ and often I fell like I can stand back again.

Further proof of our living is a filtering process which takes into account of even our smallest deeds and hence life often takes a long time to move away from ย jargon.

Even keeping a firm mind while passing through universal feelings, not hurting anybody in the process of our living, leaving no scope of error is a tough work up the ladder or a tight walk on the rope.

So, it’s ย all about keeping ourselves in the center and moving forward.

We go through a lot of errors and trial so and tribulations before we actually know what this world or life is.

Do what best you can do and relax in life. Sometime some events are unforeseen, and we though do not intend to hurt but we end up doing so, yet there is somethign called a conscience which should tell us if we have done something it’s good or bad.

Journey of life in a rollercoaster

Tips for depression

Read the saying guys and to go with one great habit which helps us is when we read, we realize how people suffer and yet live.

Read Frida Kahlo’s life. Its available on Wikipedia.

Read and think if she could dare to move forward fighting her demons and the demons of the world in an age which seemed to have been far more compromised than ours, then we too can make meaningful lives.

Think about it.

Read a life a day.

Meditate on that life form. It takes only that much time as much as, is required to stroll in the evening, water your plants or simply while you are dressing up before going to a party.

Light for the day.

Heavy torrential rain and happiness.

This is shot in a city of India, Vellore, Tamil Nadu.

The whole night rains splashed like the rains in love across the salt desert (Keki N Daruwala) as if washing off, years of sadness, pain, suffering and trauma. This place is well known for Christian medical college and hospital.

Thousands flock in, everyday from all parts of India, neighboring SAARC nations like Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka etc along with some foreign nationals.

But, the little child unaware of everything enjoys the moment in a God made puddle.


The two cats spend time in peace!