Society and its chains-3

Thus, we do not allow,

a) Adoption of hapless children by emotionally mature individuals, single parenting with less means is negated, couples having less resources, eunuchs and parent of same sexes cannot adopt, as they are under the covers of sexual abusers who are, if existing then very much a by-product of this society. Their innocence was converted to their hostile nature. However, nobody utters a word, when these same children are sold to the world markets and are bought by the highest bidders. I think the society has a blueprint of every nature and every individual, yet many people are not being allowed to take care of these children. Resource earned by selling a child to such sadistic people earns them more than by raising them, since it means investment by the society and who would want to invest in an orphan?.

b) It is not the fault of these humans who fell prey to these vicious circles organised by the society itself. It is the fault of the society which has at many points, suppressed many voices and souls for their own benefit, in return creating imbalances.

c) Preventing animals from being adopted in lieu of sexual abuse. Who is responsible for breaking down human mind to such a low level? Well, now we all know the answer.

I personally knew a family, which was not very well off, the father was dead, mother was working, had three sons, one son went under the grip of this very society, got hepatitis C and kidney failure after sleeping with cats and chimps. The mother was a shrunk lady in her sixties, a school teacher as poor as teaching is mostly considered in India, an art of no use, no matter however important it is. The Indian education system should learn from the Finnish counterparts. Now, this mother who was already skinny donated her kidney to her son. She saved him and this happened in the very renowned Christian Medical College and hospitals, Vellore. She received a lot of help in terms of treatment from the mild souls of the hospitals.

The education system transformation began some 40 years ago as the key propellant to the country’s recovery plan and promoting economic growth. They thought little until in 2000, when the first results from the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA), a standardized test given to 15-year-olds in more than 40 global venues, revealed Finnish youth to be the best young readers in the world. Three years later, they led in math. By 2006, Finland was first out of 57 countries (and a few cities) in science. Education system is with no tuition fees and with fully subsidized meals served to full-time students. It consists of daycare programs (for babies and toddlers) and a one-year “pre-school” (for six-year-old); a nine-year compulsory basic comprehensive school (from age of seven and ending at the age of sixteen); post-compulsory secondary general academic and vocational education; higher education (University and University of Applied Sciences); and adult (lifelong, continuing) education.

Another woman I met while travelling to Elephanta caves, Mumbai. She was in the same ferry. She abused cats, from whom she had contracted a rare, highly allergic feline disease and it took her some months to recover. She was later undergoing rehab in the Thane mental hospital, Mumbai, as her family refused to accept her back, the same family which took money from her when she earned sleeping with men, she was not a prostitute, she told me, she did it independently and went with people she felt. It seems she had a job and she had got a very high rank satisfying her bosses. But, then the disease struck her. One of her fellow colleague in the office had introduced her to monkeys as he had a pair in his home. Now, she was into cats and dogs as they were more widely available, I gave her a word of advice. Was she not a prostitute? I could see the damage done to that mind. She was slightly poor, was limited and society nicely wringed her neck in the name of marriage, initially she began sleeping around when promised by men that they would marry her, however this did not work out, revenge was created in her mind by these evil doers, she was supposed to show the previous one, and it went on and on. Beautiful game plans the world devices and catches many in those nets of deception. But, she emerged stronger than I had thought. She left the MNC job, she was also trained as a mechanic of steamers and boats and any moving element in the sea except ships. She has settled all by herself in Vasco, her nanny home and she stays with her very old nanny and the sea, in her words, “I have closed the doors, and, now, I am happy. It’s only, I, nanny and the sea. It talks and I listen.”

So, the message is-

1) Don’t change!!!! In short, be incorrigible unless you feel a slight change is required for the greater good. If you are a female be wary about friends and enemies for women have few handful of true friends and mostly hidden enemies, either hiding in the friendship cloak or those who have courage exist as enemies on the front. Note it and let the person know what you feel, so that you reduce loads in life. Travel light, as light as possible till the end.

2) Know your true nature- it might be quite a while to know your job but our true nature mostly all those who are not lost are constantly aware of, every moment as we delve down into our souls.

3) Be adamant when you know you are right- Do not listen to society when it says, “it kills,” do not pay heed, since it is a quality which the society cannot tackle and hence tries to “chop down.”

4) Beat to your own drum and beat your own drum.

5) Stand for yourself, since if you don’t, who else will? Do not try to find allies and friends and relations. No one will believe you if you do not believe yourself.

6) If you are a gay, be proud and stand. If you are monogamous, whether with the person or without the person, be proud. The polygamous alone are allowed to be proud in this world, why? Because they serve the societal needs from time to time. If you say once is enough, no one should have the courage to trespass it, and like old haggards, if you meet deaf people who keep repeating themselves in the name of opportunities being provided to live better, to thrive, to spread your seed,  shun them all or ignore or trick them if they are malevolent, but do not budge.

7) It does not matter if your seeds remain in this world or not, since no one is immortal, not even your genes, as they mingle, they lose your essence, slowly by, down to tenth generation you do not exist in your own family. Unless, the Nature decides to preserve any quality of yours, through the world. In that case, you need not worry. If you see, very few great men left their genes behind. It’s a culmination of expressions beyond which those souls need not exist. Rather, leaving someone behind is more pathetic, if being not done and not being nurtured in the right way, since you can never fathom what is coming in the future for them, if you are making them efficient enough for this world as you leave. Today, if treachery wins, you teach your child to be a treacherous being and tomorrow rules may change, for the world and we are ever changing except our choices. Nothing is fixed, we can only assume, but, very few humans are given the capability to see beyond and definitely these masses do not have it. In today’s world the system is not designed to make or create heroes, it is not designed wherein people can find that space wherein they become heroes.. The adage goes as “do not be a hero.”

8) Stick to your definitions. Do not change them as per the world. Definitions of friendship, love, lust, family, happiness, sadness, madness, anger, pride, jealousy, selfishness and the list goes on, for all. Do not change them but yes, if required for a very higher cause, you may tweak them but always remember, everyone is ready to render advise, but what matters is the one you take it from.

9) Live, live and live every moment as though it’s your last, the taste of each moment should be so deep that even death cannot separate your being from that feeling, keep all treasured up. Very few can do it, since for mostly all, time is slipping from their hands like the sand grains slip from the closed fist. But, if you show time that you are living, then it would itself pay homage to you slowing for you, correcting everything, changing all hearts and souls which touch you, bringing transformation around you to give you more time to live.

Society and its chains-2

Who comprises this society? Practically everybody who is interested in this game of life laid down by Evil, I call the art of deviating people from their original tracks, a beautifully designed game so that like those losers, no one else can achieve their higher motives. The saddest part is, this very society teaches us to obey a higher being, more perfect and more beautiful than us, but when it comes to following it they fail to follow their own advice, well that does happen and the answer laid down by society is a flat “NO,” then.

Look at the ones, who are born differently, either in their sexual or other physical orientations. We barely have the stamina and energy to treat them at par with the population we term as normal. How do we know who is normal, how did our ancestors determine? Simple, whatever exists in bulk. So, whatever does not exist in bulk is abnormal. Thus, they chose the easy path of calculation, people who could perform all the tasks enlisted by this society. Abnormals, no one was even bothered to find out why were they send to us, to this world, what purpose do they serve, other than reminding us again and again as to who is normal and who is not.

This very society tells us, “Do not follow the easy path.” Why should we not follow?This is the path you have followed so should we. End of discussion.

We cannot thrust one population comprising of several different kinds of varieties to behave as one. We even punish and implicate the ones who think different from us. Thus, these poor scientists of yester years had to form hidden societies to prohibit this society to know about their actions. If you see in some parts of Nepalese culture, they have catered to the needs of this differently existing sexual preferences to some extent. How? By making the laws more flexible for both men and women. They worship virgin girls and upon marriage if the man or the woman seems to have more sexual needs then they are free to practice it, under the covers of the society, without being punished, but, of course, the will of the other man or woman matters in this regard, as to how much they would want to be a part of the married man or woman’s life. If they choose to stand away, not disturbing the couple then it could be that the man or the woman having the varied needs might move on to the other men or women or it could be that the man or the woman, chooses to remain with that one mate to whom they are married. But, if they choose, then two or more than two men or women are given the same status in a man’s or woman’s life.

Now, this article is not about sexual orientation and frustrations but bigger problems, which if not addressed by the generations to come, would not only stop one family or two families but entire race of humanity to stop spreading its seeds. If it still remains blind and unaware, then all we can say is, “Another race of stupid mammals (quoted Ice age).”

The world is slowly crumpling under the load, so is Venice, the city of Love and not eroticism as defined by many. Otherwise, this trick of evil will no longer serve its purpose, his mad theory of “keep your genes alive or face extinction,” will become a bogus and rotten theory in days to come, leaving no seed alive in the planet we call home. “The reason of destruction- too much importance to lust of every kind, hence annihilated,” would be the reason stuck on the board of the universal council behind annihilation.


Society and its chains -1

The very words which are often used to define us, words chosen by this very society which had once been our cradle, is very often strong and hugely capable enough to extinguish the fire within us, the fire which we carry in our hearts, called souls which keeps the hearth alive. In olden days, they would never let the fire extinguish in homes and either the fireplace or the hearth would be burning. Fire brought joy and warmth, brought people closer, made them friends. In modern days, the fire runs in our homes in the form of electricity, and thus helps us survive but I guess not as effective as the candle or the hearth or the fireplace. However, this is not the point of our discussion.

So, if we allow by some chance, to let the soul escape our body (their being various conditions- one of the prime ones being, when we are either made to or we ourselves voluntarily act against our conscience or when we fall prey to the wrong links of the society due to our very poor or naive judgments.). Thus, if you see, keeping our whole body intact is our responsibility and it is left completely to us, as to how we do it.

Once the soul has escaped our body, we are reduced merely to an organism which is only capable of performing the basic tasks which keep us alive as, eating, drinking, procreating, procrastinating, taking revenge, killing, plotting and plundering. Rest of us is governed by the darkness which comes to reside in the very place from where the soul has escaped, the fire no longer burns, so we are incapable of seeing who comes and who goes from us.

Now, if we are capable of standing still and capable of thinking quietly, even, if, for a moment, then we would realise that the prime role of fire within us, is exactly the same, as, out of us. When the fire is not burning outside, we are surrounded by this perpetual darkness, and our vision is blurred since light ceases to exist. The dark objects hover around us, more powerful, more insinuating and more fiersome than us, guiding us, our will, primarily to unforeseen dimensions subject to their discretion and not ours. Now, darkness treats everyone equally. This is an advantage in its own place, but there is a catch in this- it would not allow you to practice your own free will, or the Universe’s will, now the Universe does not treat you at par with another (because we are all different beings with different purposes and our jobs are not same; if you apply the same temperatures to iron and gold, we all know what happens) but most often lets you practice your free will.

How or where does society have the ability to let us be guided by Evil? It’s exactly after our birth, where we are in a new cycle and yet to remember our job. When we are born, we are all, equanimously unaware of our roles IN this earth (that’s a drawback), except a few like Jesus or Krishna since their roles were big and their lives allocated were short, I think that could be one reason as to why they came with superfluous memories. Well, we have some small, but not meagre tasks. Even a man, as great, as Buddha, was initially not aware of his task on this planet, so he did whatever he was told to do, only to realise that he was not happy, he did not feel essentially complete (this completion is not about two bodies or two souls kind of union, in that way he was complete, but there are always many dimensions of a man which seeks completion, which comprise the various parameters of a soul and each of those parameters scream to be completed in one life and sometimes, because of our inability to listen or act again due to our sloth or society remain incomplete at one go).

Thus, Boudh had to devote himself to a rigorous process to know his task in this world, on this planet. Even though, we do not know our jobs yet, but within our soul is inscribed an essence, it spreads like a fragrance from the incense and often subconsciously we are being guided by that fragrance to that essence, which is indirectly inspiring us throughout our lives to that very core of our task. Thus, the Buddhist philosophy preaches that unless we have completed this task or we have known this task, we will keep taking birth. It is logical if you try to put it as per the laws of quantum physics- the law of energy transmutation and utilisations, azimuthal principle and Newton’ laws. As per the law, energy is neither created nor is it destroyed, it merely changes its form from time to time, hence this energy of soul also can neither be created nor be destroyed but merely transcends from one form to the other in the cycle. How does then, what we say previously hold good. How can this energy leave us or can get extinguished? Well, science answers even that, we know that when we transform the energy from one form to the other, only then it loses its original entity to acquire another entity. Thus, as per Albert Einstein, darkness is the mere absence of light which means it is converted from its illuminated form to its darker form- one and the same thing. Thus the illuminated form is extinguished and the darker and more inconsequential form comes into existence, which is the opposite force, the evil- strangely evil when read in mirror goes as live.

It is said that there was once a very famous painter who painted the face of Jesus and the devil using the same man as the model, in a span of 20 years. Thus, in a span of 20 years, the man who looked like an epitome of perfection looked exactly opposite. We can see innumerable such faces in our society. When they are young, their faces and eyes would be so cherubic and beautiful, but as they age the scars on their souls, the tortures that they laid on their souls, become widely expressed on their faces. They no longer look beautiful. They look older than they actually are, withered and lack vigour. But, at the same time, there are many souls which look same, age does not seem to change much, even as aged and delicate they carry the same eyes, the same vigour and the same smile.

Thus, to better understand, we can say that we should not allow or should not let this process of transmutation of energy be carried out within ourselves. Thus evil treats all equal promising this as a reward, in return snatches our free will and desire to behave as per our duties, since the evil is too preoccupied in performing its own duties and utilising souls in performing those duties for him, the ones which even he cannot accomplish on various planets, including ours.

We can take for example, any social system in the grip of evil currently. For example, marriage and the system of marriage, bonding and pairing.

What is the basic understanding about marriage existing in this world? If you draw a data, it does not reach standards higher than procreation through attachments. Procreation through detachment is a concept so unreal and unknown, that when some grave souls discuss it, the concept is immediately negated by the society as a bad joke. Now, this process has become a lurking enemy for humanity in the given times, earlier many such problems existed which mandated forcing this law into action, however now, the same policies no longer exist in this realm, they are transformed and like the snake which is eating its own tail destroying itself without any knowledge of its actions, similarly this very system is serving the same purpose. Our seeds should be spread and each seed should give rise to several other seeds. If this is not happening, then it’s a down. If a man or a woman is not following the social norm, then they are treated with as much vicissitude as much as the untouchables of Hindu laws and ordinances. In today’s world those who do not obey it, also have no right to live. The body, the mind and the soul seems to be just machines in this evil driven society.

If you do not abide, you would be broken. The core message is- “you cannot dream to be different. If you are, then, you better have your helpers. If not, then we would grind you to ashes.” The only way out, is hide, as simple as that. Now, the biggest jeopardy is this, in this scenario-

Even, if you have quenched this thirst of the society, yet you have not won. If anything has gone wrong, in this system, you would be asked to love again, and again and again, as though it is a trade. Often confused with lust, love is lost in today’s world.

Which populations are targeted- remember, society calls it as options and opportunities. What kind of opportunity? To spread your seed again and again.

1) If you loved and lost a loved one- you must love again.

2) If you have been unsuccessful once in forming a pair, you must try till eternity, lose all values and morales that the society itself asks you to obey until a little while ago, now urges you to become a criminal but find one goat for sure.

3) If you were rejected, you must stand again and show the world as to what you are capable of, (in short take revenge) and again become a criminal in your own eyes, unless you fall so low that no one can lift you up from your own abyss.

“Revaange,” I like to say as megamind quotes it.

4) If you are of a different orientation and you are not rich, neither influential, you must hide under the covers of a marriage.

5) If you are somewhat or very much a monogamous and you have loved enough to quench your thirst, yet you are not a pair with the man or woman, then you must try again because in this world actions count gentlemen and gentlewomen, not your intentions. Show it that you are capable of breeding and loving. Show it, otherwise you are to be chased and hacked till you admit that by not doing what you are being told to do, you are being arrogant and stubborn, stopping your own development. Society begins all sort of brainwashing and tricks making men stand in each nook and corner, even woman at times, to seduce you, to lure you, to tell you that you are to play the role of a harlot, if not a wife. You can’t have a definition which says you are nothing.

6) If you want to be at peace with that fragment of your soul, which nudges you from time to time to follow it, and if you want to remain faithful to that search, yet you have tried within your human limits and failed, so what? you must try again. Why? For the sake of society. Even if your future is death when you are either murdered or you kill yourself unable to bear the burden. Many women examples exist all around us, women being more sensitive break more easily.

Real Rules ruling the Earth still

Courage, Love and power to Sacrifice are very important factors which still rule the world. Rare and extremely invaluable. So, if you come across any, take it, without doubting it. If you can be eligible enough to at least give one, then give it without thinking any further.

The trine, it is said can be possessed by none equally and when it does, the man becomes a master, a God, then.

However, more important than the powers is the ability of the person to know when to use it and when not to use it.

The discretion has the power to save us and also destroy us. Since, it is this very discretion which serves as the gate to the mansion of the trio. Once the gate is weak, or is weak enough to be easily overthrown, our trine powers which is given to us, to use it to serve others and ourselves equally, can turn into an utter nightmare of destruction and wrath abandoning the very Nature of Creation.

The religion of kindness is preached by all in the world, every single religion, shouts and screams day in and day out, some more and some less, yet they all stand in unison and admit to this one philosophy. But, strangely only a few humans can have the strength to do it. Sometimes, being kind is also costly for some people and so cruelty prevails whether they want or they don’t.

Unfortunately, religions all across, have not been able to create a single door or gateway to the trine mansion, the number of humans equals the number of gateways in the world. Hence, sadly each human has to learn to control that gateway all by themselves. All religion can do in this case is serve as a back bone to help build the body. Now, to do this, a man has to learn to control million other things incorporated as branches, broadly classified as seven sins by the Holy Bible.

So, only when we have worked so hard, do we know when to be using and when not to be using our judgements.

It is again said in the Holy Bible, that, “a human should be as clever as a serpent but as harmless as a dove.”

Christianity teaches this statement in one single line, Zen teaches through stories Sufism through the parables. However, we still are to know how many in the crowd actually know the meaning of each word in the statement and how many can further implement this in their daily life.

We must know that when we are talking about the trine values, then this cleverness and harmlessness would imply the judicious judgement which is required when we are unleashing such powers.

Science and religion go hand in hand, even science preaches the same thing. Science is not very different from religion, in fact religion can also be defined as an older or budding version of science, the older versions are not used generally once the modern versions are in use, but they are the ultimate backbones hence, require to be referred daily to drive continuity and flow.

We live in a world full of people, I often wonder which switch when pressed leads to so much confusion in the human mind. How or what factors require a change to make most humans to not think the way they do?

Is it important then, for the world to have a constant tug of war. What purpose does chaos serve if it cannot bring order. Prolonged chaos can be dangerous since humans have a strange knack to consider what they see and hear as true, often, since having to use judgement to know and analyse which is true and which is not is another pain in the sternum of human race. Chaos continues as several communities come into existence and even several humans who are strong enough to serve as communities. Almost countless such communities exist all across the world adding to the chaos.

Is it several rituals all across the world which mars the clarity of the Being within us or on a lower level even mars the human clarity. I think at least if the human clarity could remain, it could serve the purpose, but it has not. Or, is it the several norms or belief systems which abound the Earth on a wholesome level? Is it lack of reach of modern ethics and principles?

Sadly, even in this twenty first century, there is a whole wave of human population which is festered by wounds arising out of false beliefs and small thinking running in abundance and in entirety, the darkness engulfing millions generations after generations. Humans prefer to stick to mad thoughts and unsolicited ways, since it is easy. But, if this chaos keeps running larger and heavier, and sooner we do not empty, we might run into bigger troubles, which might not only be limited to anhilition of the entire human civilisation replaced by another newer race by Nature, but far more bigger problems. Nature in it’s formidable form is known to very few, beyond, but a veil.

Thus, to conclude, courage, love and sacrifice can be simple stepping stones to provide this balance. Many Humans whom we worship in several different religions have understood it, and shown the path, but even, then we have missed. If all of us could contribute towards these three virtues little by little, then such huge sacrifices by few handful men scattered across the human time on earth would not have been required, the emanation of the zenith of these virtues, which comes from a single person once in several years to regain this balance of Nature and prevent Nature from turning outrageous would not be required.

Thus, our work would be to know, exactly out of this three, which one is it that we aren’t good at and then with all our heart pursue that one quality mastering it as strongly as possible thus, saving the world from impending dooms and calamities, and preventing one person sacrificing selflessly thus allowing each human to live helping each of us to live and thrive in return within the rollercoaster that life has to offer each time a baby is born.





The Beautiful Day now and then


Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I’ll meet you there. When the soul lies down in that grass the world is too full to talk about.
The wound is the place where the Light enters you.
Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.

We are born of love; Love is our mother. Rumi

Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion.” Rumi

Your heart knows the way. Run in that direction.” Rumi

“My soul is from elsewhere, I’m sure of that, and I intend to end up there.” Rumi

Yesterday I was clever so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise so I am changing myslef.” Rumi

“It’s your road, and yours alone, others may walk it with you, but no one can walk it for you.” Rumi

I have often wondered what would make a beautiful day.

Is it if you have riches?

Is it, if you have a good career?

Is it if you have a beautiful home?

Is it, if you have beautiful relations?

Not having any of these, can create immense pressure on a person, undoubtedly, since all these, make a society. A person, if is, deprived of any of these, by the society or through the society, or by the play of sheer bad luck, can initiate a feeling which can be best described as hollowness within soul. However, it passes like everyone else in this world passes, we all come forward as a phase.

The most beautiful day would be however, a day when there is no such thoughts which can kill a person but, a day when you can just breathe and feel no pain all over and within yourself.

For this thought process to arise, we have to know one thing for sure.

We have lived each moment, as they had to be lived.

We have been a constant source of outflow and inflow of energy, not judging if the flow is towards us or away from us.

We have lived as and when, there was a requirement to live.

We cannot often do big things, we cannot often know if we are being defeated or being victorious since, in the long run, it does not matter, but just to stand and be a part of everything that the people, world and humans throw towards us, is all we can do, we can choose to do. Not resisting anything but contributing to it with your own thoughts as the event, proceeds towards its own death or birth, is all we can choose to do.

If you wonder, a little more, the first primitive thoughts of victory and failure might have been established from one and the same event. That one event which could have led to the introduction of two such enormous words, which have shaped human lives, civilisations, cities, rulers, in fact, the whole world.

However, a point to note in this is, both the words are just a myth in this flow of life. They might serve as anchors but when you stop at these anchors taking them as true, leaving the water forgetting its existence, it is then that these words take a dangerous shape and form. They can make the person forget that we are all channels of energy, and each must play its better part and ignore the worser part.

When we are 80 years of age, does it matter what we achieve in life?

Most of the time, if we are left alone or struggling with our weary bodies, often at the mercy of others, in those times, I often wonder if it matters as to who we are or what we have achieved over the years.

What would matter is, all the callings of the real weak and the needy, which we have not heard, all the time when we ignored our souls callings.

All those moments when we knew we could have stood for love, but we have not and chosen otherwise. All those moments when we have not resisted the trouble makers in our little ways. It is these times that we mostly remember in the end since mostly the kinetic energy has taken a potential form. Most of the potential energy we have not been able to get in touch with, all throughout our lives, we have often kept our kinetic energy in motion.

All those people whom we put in difficult situations, all those innocent people whom we denied a true status in search of our powers.

We remember everything of these kinds in the end, and as the end draws near we forget more and more of the wonders we have done and crave for peace, we crave to know why we did not help a good person come out of mess, often solving our errands with some excuses, but sometimes even excuses are not sufficient even to ourselves in those times. Mostly people are miserable from these falsifications which they have observed all their lives.

It is in those times that we often, feel low, tired and lonesome, the thoughts within us, make us alone. It is a nice feeling to perhaps have as much required and not to feel all these things, to be able to live in peace with the little of lives, not carrying the burden of all those people who failed us or whom we failed to love.


Nostalgic memories

My Zongpa (one amongst my grandpa; I had eight grandpa in total of which now lives one).

One day as I sat in the open verandah, trying to think of what I was just told, when I was still a kid made my eyes turn to the huge white sheet of ice on the mountain in front of me.

This is what I was taught on that day.

A koan, as one calls it in Buddhism, one of the most famous stories of Tanzan.



Tanzan and Ekido were two monks who were once traveling together down a muddy road. A heavy rain was falling.

As they came around a bend, they met a lovely girl in a silk kimono and sash, unable to raise herself since she was injured by some passing vehicles and as she lay there, she desired help.
“Come on, girl,” said Tanzan at once. Lifting her in his arms, he carried her over the mud and left her at the village gate, the village where she belonged.
Ekido did not speak until the night when they reached their temple. Then, as he entered the temple, Tanzan moved towards his destination, whereas Ekido moved towards the main monk’s chamber. As soon as he entered, he bowed and immediately began to speak, no longer being able to restrain and refrain himself.

He recited the whole story to the old monk. After a while, the old monk summoned Tanzan, who was wonderstruck, at this sudden call, since he was unable to understand as to what might have been wrong, and it was almost time to retire.

Entering the chamber, he immediately bowed. He was alone with the old monk. Ekido was sent back to his chamber and he was feeling happy that he had understood the rules better than Tanzan.

The old monk’s appearance was grave. He looked Tanzan straight into his eyes and asked, “Is it true that you carried a woman the other day on your shoulders?”

“Yes, master it’s true.”

“May I know the reason behind such an act?” He was grave.

“She was wounded and it was raining and she required help.”

“We monks do no go near females, it is against rules.”

Tanzan kept his head low, “I am not carrying her still.”

“Hmm, I see.” After a long pause, the old master asked him to leave the chamber,

“Do not forget to send Akido, I have some errand to meet.”

“Yes master,” he bowed and closed the gate behind him.

Akido walked in. With his recent achievement he walked in with vigour and happiness in his heart, he was expecting a reward.

He bowed and after another prolonged silence, the master lifted his eyes to Akido.

“I spoke to Tanzan. I saw that he left the girl, just at the village gate, then, why do you still carry her on your shoulder?”

“What do you learn kids? It’s a nice morning and this is no class.”

No one knew what to make of the story. It was a nice sunny morning and we heard a story. It was nothing more than that.

Zongpa laughed aloud, he bent down and touched the floor, then straightened himself back.

“Okay, I will tell you, what little I have learnt.”

1) Letting go- it means when in your life, you meet bad people, bad moments, bad events, rough tides, confusing, insensitive, selfish people, then let go of them. They are not yours, they can never be, no matter how much they pretend. Beware, children of any pretence. Look into the eyes of every being. Pretence cannot hide long. Let go as soon as you recover from the shock.

2) Do no go back to wrong people, places, events and occurrences, if you have to still go back, detach yourself and slip out as soon as your necessity is done. Remember, never be pleased towards those who pained you and were giving you an opportunity, they give you the chance since they are selfish and have been bad to you, be grateful to the universe though for creating a fulfilment of your needs and also be grateful towards those who let you fulfill your need, but once done, at once leave.

3) Never ask for more. Just enough for survival. In that way you stay on the other end of desires.

4) If you need to, then create illusions, but never harm. An illusion of harm can save you from doing some real harm. The same trick which makes movies and this world, it can save you more than you can imagine.

5) Hold on to people you really think are true, and then also feel are true. Never leave them.

6) Learn to see clearly without any filters, this will also save you.

7) Learn to run, will help every time. Fight has never helped, will never help, but flight will.

8) Do not be like Akido. They are common. Be like Tanzan. They are rare and valuable and if you find one more around you, and if the other also recognises you, remember to try being close, if the world of the other is already not inhabited.

9) More so, try to have compassion towards all, even if you are in despicable situations, despite them being anyone or anything. A dog, a crow, a sparrow, a lizard, all are in need of constant compassion and compassion grows when you share, it is a reaction which grows he other way around.

10) Learn to forget, forgive and move on. You should never go back and be friends with the ones you forgave. It might have been really a bad deed that you had to forgive, do not believe again the same who have hurt you enough to make you forgive them, you can try some other resource lest they truly repent the deed, yet be careful, repentance is an act and there are many actors in this world.

Live above all, learn to be compassionate to parents, love them, but fight them if they are wrong since life moves on, and we humans can get stuck at one place, we have to fight our way out, even if it is with your gods. Fighting is not synonymous to disrespect and hatred. It is rather antonymous. Never waste your fights on people and Gods who don’t matter to you.

As I end this, I still fail to understand if I am missing the sun and the mountain or the moment I heard these words.

Lessons from LEH

Choden gambles still, with her life, her husband gambles with his life in Siachen, her child gambles in going to school and coming from school which is far, far away. My howlers, one in deathbed and one old and senile, gamble and are the longest living in nubra neighbourhood. Her mother in law gambles and is happy with the results.

Life is moving and happiness lies in knowing that some places, things and people never change, no matter what goes in and out in narrow mad worlds which pollute parts of living and life itself.

I learnt:

Gambling is a wonderful art to be practised in life, I learned, the same gambling saved her at such a height each day. The same gambling saves her husband in Siachen, the same gambling saves her son everyday while he goes and comes from a school so far, even her mother in law practices the same gambling which always comes out right for her and now they are friends.

Life is not small, we make it small with our fears, then comes others fears. We may not always have the energy to counter others fears, to neutralise them, so we should flee in such times.

Friends and family are not ones who belong to your creed or caste or religion or fantasies and rigid thoughts. The real friends and family are those with whom you share and care from the heart.

There is only one religion, the religion of humanity and kindness. Nothing can surpass it, nothing should surpass it, and when these two are surpassed, we would find what we find in our world today.

Dogs are indeed man’s best friends and so are Aquarians in the age of Aquarians. Only, they should be grown up enough to know their true worth. No man can then touch what they touch, no man can then see what they see, and they are around means I am safe, they are around means I have friends. Their abstract ideas, most of them can change the world to a better place, given the aquas mature and then take such decisions and not due to the pressure which gets created inside them the moment they invade the earth, the moment they know they are different and meant to work differently by staying in masses. Mad geniuses who should be given a chance to colour this world, the colours would surely be more than the ones in the rainbow. When sag and Pisces is around I have common grounds.

The beauty of life lies in ignoring those who harass you, bully you, attempt to cheat you, show you down and knowing, if you have drawn them to this or were they mad enough to have brought the madness to themselves. If you are the cause, then you must rectify yourself immediately, if possible leave them in peace. If it’s them then also you must leave them but this time to let yourself be in peace.

My zongpa knows so much, yet had the courage to leave the world. The unattached within the attached, the reality within the fakeness, the truth amidst lies, the fearlessness within fear, the selflessness in midst of selfishness.

Age is just a number in our minds creating a fear which immobilises us to do great things in life. Never pay attention to it, as long as you tick.


I have no idea how long I lay there, but I know that I sound a little filmy in this statement.

“Wake up, wake up, have some food, you are fine, we are fine, look.”

I opened my eyes, they pained in the ridges, vision still blur, I could still feel my cloak and see the blue peeping out of heaps of quilts. I sensed my arms, painful they were, then my legs, one ached and throbbed. The other seemed to pain like my arms.

“Wake up, you are fine.” She chirped her white tooth emanating one by one as her smile grew into a grin and then a broad grin.

“I will call all.” She sprung up and slithered through the dim door into the open bright light.

I heard her beautiful voice ringing through the corridors and slowly, in some time, small heads popped in, and then bigger heads.

A smile illuminated the room, a smile so bright that no darkness could touch it, so soft that it was softer than yak cheese.

She spoke for 4 days with my family using my mobile mimicking my voice, and then I spoke as usual.

It was hard but she did a great job.

I had never been in a place where people did not notice or die to find a fault with other people, even the most serene ones I had been to, but this was different. None of the eyes oozed any inclination to do that act. The nuns became friends, I spoke with my zongpa whom I had known for long, he had come down. I still don’t know where I was, since we were driven to Alchi in the night by one of the nuns and an old monk. This compassion healed me, years of tiredness which I acquired in the days I spent in troubled lands. Choden still lives, so do I, so does everything and everybody who, mattered to me on the trip. She has no mobiles and we talk rarely, twice in two years, or three years, since we don’t share our struggles, all we share with each other is our peace and immense respect for each other. The nuns had taught us telepathy which is nothing but the state where no thought persists except one that I want to raise strong and long and more often it is Choden who is on the other end, when I try now.

It is build on faith, the faith that we would never give up on each other, even though we may never meet again, since she has many higher places where she lives and I have not climbed any higher since I left. The wholeness I gained helps me survive till now, how long more, I do not know. And, then, I might have to journey again.

“Faith is a knowledge within the heart,

Beyond the reach of proof.” Kahlil Gibran.

On the way back, as I asked her, “by the way, who is the pessimist here?”

She winked and chirped, “Of course, you. Who else?” She shrugged.




Not that I was healed, but the wounds had stopped bleeding once oozing out mercilessly from the gnashing wounds. The horror is far less when your own suffer, than when millions around you suffer in the same way,

Question was suffer for what and how and why? Even if I rationalised my pains, I could not forget the millions of dry faces I met in the hospital alleys and streets, expressing one single doubt in unison,

“Would I live?” A chorus which all sang together, including the patients and their near and dearest ones. It was perhaps better to be a nurse or a doctor perhaps, since at last they at least survive from suffering the guilt of inaction. Twelve years down the memory lane, i go back to maps, lest I make a mistake in the names I left long ago, an urge closes in each time as I hear them on my mental billboard, a pang runs deep and wild like forest fire to return to simplicity. As I yearn for simplicity I admit I cannot be a pauper any longer, whether I want to live or I want others to live, and so I strive to earn the lifeless yet valuable gift aka doom of the world- money. I promise myself that one day I shall return and return and return, if not I get a chance to stay for long.

Upshi to Alchi was almost 108 kilometres, it was very different from Uttarakhand and Himachal the ones most visited by me.

Hemis, Phey, Shey and then LEH bypass to Alchi. Women are safe and believe in simple trust.

“I need a day or two in LEH and hen back to Manali, Delhi and back home 2.”

She was a February born, 4th day one. They always stand by my side. Mostly without much return, except a few narrow and ill developed ones who have not yet realised their hugeness.

The howlers were tired, I stopped to feed them, just when this awesome idea struck her beautiful head. There was a not so steep hill which if crossed we could cover and reach the other side of the road in lesser time than the one that we took now, she was far knowledgeable so I followed her, but unfortunately I was in the pedals, and soon in the elevations, with the two howlers beside me and Choden behind me on the carrier I lost it, the controls were gone and we slid down as though there was no friction to stop us anywhere on the hill slope.

Finally, we slid to the road and then to the other side of the road and off in the blankness we both hung like tomatoes or brinjals on the tree called our bicycle, the two howlers trying to rescue us emphatically however of not much use. I hung by my cloak which was half torn and she hung by her dark coat. We lay hanging from a conical boulder on which was strung the bicycle and on the bicycle were we. The previous moment I was cycling and now I was dangling into nothingness. How much more can life be fun? She chirped, banged, yanked, did everything to show that it was all my fault. She was an Aqua and I a mere Sagi, after all, how could it be her fault, silently leaving me to suffer as she slipped into her self denial mode.

She thankfully concluded, “A pessimist is a person who has to listen to too many optimists.”

It was nine thirty at night, and the only source of light was my radium lit watch and the four eyes of the howlers. A nipping wind, slithering and rattling sounds, drove out the little courage we mustered. Six hours, not a soul passed. The wound on my leg was bad and I knew it won’t be long before I breathed my end, she knew it as well but none of us could risk anything, so she decided we would wait for another half an hour or else she would start to descend the loose gravels, either one would go  or both would go or both would survive. She wanted to gamble, her favourite game which she plays each time when she is not sure. That is how she made her Sagi with a clean heart hubby survive in Siachen, that is how her child comes back and goes to school each day, that is how she and my dogs live each day. That is how, now even her mom in law survives. Amazing life skill it is, I must say – knowing to gamble, to be a gambler she right time and right place.

Now comes a jeep, rumbling and roaring with the gravels beneath. She commands the howlers to stand on the road and bark, which they admiringly obey. I am supposed to pluck the gravels and throw them on the direction of the jeep without disbablancing the bicycle, as I hung nearer to the road and she hung on the dismal nothingness due to the tangential placement of the conical form.

She would fly her bag in the air, now I didn’t exactly know how that would work, but she said it would so I believed her again.

Finally, all worked as she directed the people to our position in the language of the hills, I had lost it by then and as the darkness closed in, I remember nothing much that a nun carried me in her arms to the jeep, her benevolent and compassion filled face gave me no fear, as I snoozed down.

to be contd…..