The precious grief

How much can we live, love & die?
How much can we live, love & die?
How much can we live, love & die?


Can you foretell the future in reality?

The older I grow, the more I believe that yes, perhaps it is easier to penetrate the future, perhaps a clear vision can show what the world is to become.

Tolstoy could no doubt see too…..his thoughts can match none now whatsoever

I can not deny what Ruskin has told….have you met such lies? I think we meet such lies everyday on the streets….every single day..the baser lies.
The Wheel of Truth
The breather from heavy thoughts

Dragonflies and the Dragons of destruction

God’s have left us, abandoned us.

No Shivay can rise, no Vishnu can save and no Jesus will ever return. Not one will turn their face at the rotting souls on Earth.

Do you know how dragonflies stay still if you want to paint them?

Do you have time to read this stuff?

Do you have the time to gaze at the painted dragonflies on green leaves?

Did you gaze at the burnt koalas and charred kangaroos?

How were they different from us, our lives, that the world chose to ignore their painful plight. Do we have time for anything?

Mocking, shocking, maddening destruction has taken ground.

Come, let’s celebrate as the human civilisation comes to an end.

@theroundgirl and @sne8798.