Tips: A depression free living

Follow the above daily.

It will help you in a few ways.

1) Often when we compare ourselves with others we tend to grow more bitter.

It is a natural bent of mind which we acquire as we grow up.

If you notice a nascent child, it never does that.

But, boom! School happens.

Pressure is felt by parents and zooms around. The child feels the heat.

Thus, instead of doing what the child is good at, often the child ends up, doing what others are doing. They are then, at a stage when they are just discovering themselves. Though mostly they know what they want but expressions remain a problem.

Further, comes the logical explanatory notes of what you are doing and how much it benefits your future.

Thus, how we develop into an individual leads to creation of a pool and criticism floats freely on it, ready to stick to you like old leaves do, when you swim in an unattended pond.

Thus make peace with criticism. If you do good with just one bad job, people focus at it.


Its a competitive world and pattern of life is no longer selection based rather it is more of an elimination based way of living.

This huge mass, every day adding up population and elimination is the only way humans know to balance Earth.

Have a peaceful day with a lot of lightπŸ”¦πŸŽ†πŸŽ‡πŸŽ­


Cause of depression simplified

Okay, so we would try to simplify depression causes and arrange it under neat headers-

1) Physical causes- The ones which are visible in a human. The physical body witnesses these changes and anyone outside the body can witness the changes.

They are:

A) Sleeping habit changes.

B) Eating habit changes.

C) A lack of energy which is known as a drained feeling.

D) A restless feeling.

E) An inability to carry out daily activities.

Mental changes-

A) Decreased concentration

B) A state of indecision or an inability to decide.

C) A guilt feeling.

D) Feelings of worthlessness.

E) Feelings of causing harm to self or feelings of suicide.

F) Persistent sadness

G) Loss of interest in activities which the person normally enjoys.

This will help you understand how our body and mind works.

Rest of the assessment we would do in the next session.

We would pick up one each at a time and will try to see how much we understand each of them.


Have a great day till then.🦁 πŸ’πŸ‹πŸ’πŸ¬πŸ’πŸ¦„πŸ’πŸ΄πŸ’

A small tip for depression-an attempt to clear your mind.

Okay friends! Here’s a small way to start removing depressive conditions from the body.

You can either make your own rule book or follow these few lines.

Its simple.

Now, i would want you to repeat this for five minutes every morning as soon as you get up.

If you guys have an early shift like me, then while brushing your teeth, hold it, in front of you.

Read it and take a stroll.

But, you have to remember two things.

1) Just before you start doing this, take five breaths. Release all your worries momentarily. Forget anything exists around you.

Some people might call it selfish.

But to live, you have to do it. Never mind what the world calls it.

The confusing thoughts in the world are as many as the number of people abounding the Earth.

And, most importantly you matter for many, if not, many, at least you matter for yourself.

Next point,

2) Close your eyes consciously, not as in sleep but knowingly. Knowing well enough that you are closing your eyes. In this way, you clear what lies in front of you.

Last, but not the least, repeat the above pamphlet.

Next part would followπŸ˜‡πŸ˜€


What should we do in this world, where confusions are strewn across the street.

Should we go with the flow?

Should we go against the flow?

Are there not one who faces this question daily.

I think many of us even face it during the day, many a times.

If that is the case, then how do you wish to see God in all this?

Is there any natural power or is God a simple conniving of the human mind?

I would continue putting my thoughts in, please pour in and look into each post and let us start a new way of understanding every aspect of our life

Only when we understand each aspect of our lives in depth, only then can we be truly happy. πŸ˜πŸ˜ƒ


SOMETIMES! All we require is a small push and sometimes a huge kick to begin our journey.

A journey where it is not fixed what awaits in our tomorrows.

The two parts that we know for sure are

1) Our past- what we have learned from our past.

2) Our present- what we make of our present.

So, how many out there would agree to such a chance?

Leave your replies. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‡


As we continue further let us make it a little clear as to what and how I wish to go ahead with this topic.

I would soon be requesting mailing details from the readers so I can have a good understanding of what would be targeted through this course.

Then, we would give you two choices as you see choices, it is predominant throughout the course.

1) First is, you go through a set of first few points, learn about how others work when they face something so serious.

2) What actions are taken by many worldwide towards it

3) Several other topics would be covered in it.

Next choice would be to buy the course which would be coming soon. If you do not wish to buy the course, you can still practice and learn more through the guided free course.

Keep looking for the next few days and please let me know your views through your likes and replies.

I would like to take it forward slowly so that we can breathe in between.

Wish you all a happy Sunday.


Remember, we are not alone in this journey although we are the only one responsible for our journey.

This is perhaps the first time, you are hearing from me, and I do not guarantee a sure short cure but a life process change which can heal you in entirety.

Do you still desire that completeness within yourself the one with which you were born, the state when every form of torture done on you could only trouble you for a wee bit of a second. It is not so, now though. So come, let us explore a little.

The few points to remember in this world are as follows.

1) Do not be depressed thinking you are the only one going through this phase.

2) The world is never ruled by you.

3) The world is ruled by millions of valuable looking men and women and is a loose infrastructure.

4) It is arranged as a lattice.

5) Survival skills are centred around two main points-

I) Choices are made in two ways.

a) One way is where you choose how you want to live in life.

b) Next way is when people try to choose for you.

Now, this point would require a little reconsideration from our end.

Why do people try to take the role of a godfather or godmother in your life?

One short and simple answer is BENEFIT.

Coming back to the point, when you choose as per others or you wish to choose as per others advice or instructions, you are bound to be depressed.

Why so?

Since, it is not your idea.

II) Unable to ignore what others have to say about your life?

Now, this arises again due to many factors.

But, in order to understand the entire science behind this whole much hyped disease called depression, I would advise you to go through the whole course of instructions.

We would cover exhaustively the below points-

1) How many people suffer from depression apart from you all around the world?
2) What are the various scientific changes occurring in a human being when the person begins suffering from depression, an extensive explanation of the various factors and also various other changes.
3) What other mental and moral changes occur during the process?
4) How to strengthen yourself and what changes can ascertain that you come out of it without the need of any medication.
5) Finally how to bring back yourself to your original state.

The original state is our state of being when we are a child. However, small, the time just before we were exposed to various polluting.