Epsilon’s world-chapter 5

Epsilon’s world….Do we learn emotions from family or do we learn it from our selves or do we all come with it?

Epsilon’s world is full of puzzles… Parents were busy with work and Epsilon learnt very less of expression and emotions from them.

In either of the case, this is seemingly a very tough task for epsilon.


Epsilon’s world-chapter 4

Epsilon’s world has not enough definitions which would finally end his world..

So here is how his dreams, hopes are taking shape..he doesn’t even know what he thinks because he does not know the words which are required to know this world and also does not know the definitions which would finally limit his world…. as he grows up in the end.

A free bird he is🐥🐣🦅🦉🦆🐤🐦🐧🦋🦄

Story of epsilon on Earth?

Dying is but an art…🌈💥

Saturday, Saturn and death….

Well, wondering and imagining on all these three I realised that mostly how we die, we have no control.

After a lot of thought, I felt maybe smelling awfully is one thing that might still be under my control…other nothing maybe, but who knows even this maybe not.


And so comes this post online…

Have a great weekend and a sombre Saturday.💥💫☄️🌪

Death is an art?

Epsilon world,

Epsilon world….

The earth is a crazy place…and he tries to learn everything probably…

Of course he has a massive destiny to fulfill so he better begin having all answers as many as he can

Epsilon’s world
What is this ..red orange..awwww😁🧠🤯😓💥💥💥
Epsilon’s world

Epsilon’s world
Who are you? Question? What exactly is a question.?

Ouch…what are all these? Where am I? Initial shockers…💥💥💥💥💥🔥☄️🌪🌪☄️☄️☄️⚡️⚡️⚡️💨💨💨☔️☔️

More on epsilon’s journey,



Epsilon’s world-chapter 8 (1)

Next story about my ex colleague would be called game of shadows.  Many believed, many played for no reason maybe in three month time. Something must come out of every shit then why not this shit? Where there is no story none to call it love or life, where roads cross with many such people and where people and the world want to show a woman her position and grade, her life remains merely a set of answers to questions she never really thought were important.

Welcome to the world of qualified educated right royal charlies and oafs.

Character would be named differently and changed to avoid any inconveniences. Well, I am strong to take inconveniences much more than others (a light hearted conversation) is what I want to remember these 10 years, something where I learned bad about worlds and good ways put to practice to safeguard oneself.

Happiness is made of a little fur and a tail




as epsilon finds.



Epsilon grows🤯🤖👿🤡


Epsilon grows…

His mother is delta and father is phi….This is the beginning of his world, his explorations, his questions.

Whether he would ever ask that one right question which will take him to fulfilling his destiny, we would see

As a toddler
Epsilon grows
As a 3 year old


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Lamenting Thoughts for the day::: soothsayers and Mondays …… life comes to a halt😿🙀👿😈

What if we had no Monday,

Instead we had a warm day,

Lazing on a beach on that day,

Or Climbing a mountain on the Monday,

My beloved Sunday,

Abandons me always on a Monday.

The mind is always searching for leisure and peace !!!

Guilty me!!

A Monday morning? Am I dreaming?

Maybe? Or not maybe?

So a quick colour wash gives me some solace….

Have a great week ahead….so that you eagerly wait for weekends🤡🤗🤗👺👽