A single simple tip-depression

When you are depressed about even a tiny fact.

Something as small as forgetting an appointment or losing your money or wallet.

There is a hidden call in it.

The message is CHANGE.

CHANGE is being demanded out of you.

So, to understand it, you need to slow down, pause, look at what happened and what could have made it better.

So, you are doing two things-

Unlearning a fact.

Relearning it.

For big and small things both, you need to follow the same steps.

Untangle the mess

Neatly tie it back.

During these times we are weak spiritually & mentally. So, never learn everything all at once.

Go slow with yourself. Show mercy to yourself.

Light for the day!

Tips for maintaining depression

So guys find out your own worth.

Every morning stand in front of the mirror, look at yourself and give yourself another chance.

No matter how the world treats you.

Calm your mind.

I would be explaining a simple technique to calm your mind in five minutes in the next session.

Stand still.

Look at yourself.

Now try to look within you and find out that one reason, you would choose that day to know you are as worthy to breathe in the air that others around you are breathing.

Light for the whole day!

Having trouble PowerPoint plug-ins? Here’s how you can do it easily! Guide for new bloggers.

Hi all!

I had a tough time with trying to locate proper plug-ins to upload my PowerPoint documents into my site.

Well, after a huge jostle, I found a way.

Meanwhile, I tried plug-ins, could not download it, then I could download it, but, then configuring the buttons were also a challenge.

I have, however, found a simpler way, to upload the PowerPoint documents.

1) First step- Create a PowerPoint slide.

2) Next, go to the below screenshots to upload the file in sequential manner:

3) If you click on the current slide, it opens into the below screen. Send with another app.

4) If you send with another app, if you see on the second rows, you slide it to left, then you will find the below button “save image.”

5) Once you save the image, it goes to the galleries. Then, you have to go to the open page in your WordPress site and click add or (+) sign. Go to media.

6) Next, go to the photo library.

7) Next, click in the photo library.

Select the photo in the photo library.

8) Next, click on “done” in the top right corner,

And then go to the “insert” button to the right side of the button.

9) Your power point slide has got attached finally.

Have a good time!

Should we admit being jealous & insensitive beings?

I feel when we attack some such beautiful creatures we are mostly scared of their magnificent presence.

We are scared that their presence would hide us or make us look small and insignificant.

Cant we attempt to better ourselves.

See their magnanimity and live.

Co-existence is possible in every way and every manner.

Cant we generate trust instead of terror?

Cant we generate love (compassion or agape) instead of hatred?

Can’t we generate harmony instead of war?

Can’t we generate beauty instead of ugliness?

Can’t we generate all these?

Are we morally so weak that humans can show their greatness only by cutting more beautiful, bold and courageous creatures short?

Is it how humans should survive?

Even killing humans, waging wars, killing trees, more stronger beings short?

I learnt that:

Humans cant tolerate the trees so still,

When being still is the mockery of the monks alone,

Humans can’t tolerate the strength of these magnificent creatures,

Since, humans cannot dream of this massive strength,

Humans can’t tolerate the beautiful birds with wings to fly

When what humans merely do is waddle the dusty paths.

Lets accept our weakness and let’s live above them.

If all the crowd reading this believes in God or Nature then, if humans can have a huge growth and it can be always shown to have a purpose,

I am sure producing them on this land has some purpose too.

We should invest our whole lives in learning such purposes not watering our weaknesses.

Horrifying moment dolphins are slaughtered by laughing fishermen in the Faroe Islands

Horrifying moment dolphins are slaughtered by laughing fishermen in the Faroe Islands

Horrifying moment dolphins are slaughtered by laughing fishermen in the Faroe Islands

— Read on www.thesun.co.uk/news/7233536/horrifying-moment-dolphins-are-slaughtered-by-laughing-fishermen-in-the-faroe-islands/

This is horrifying….Oh! My holy Lord!

Depression: a diagrammatic representation of a few initial events

Generally when these changes are happening in us, we are aware of it. But we do not understand it, since it has never been explained to us.

“Mostly we talk of many things except the main ones” to ourselves and to our loved ones as well.

The world is a huge mandala.

We know not where is the beginning & where lies the end,

But we know that we are here to ride the gondola,

And we need to do, but one thing, we just have to rise and fend.

Have a great morning and a wonderful evening!