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Rollercoaster ride on life & depression


Hey 👋 guys,

Rollercoasterrideinlife eyes sail through it.

Tips for depression

If you have come across other people, you might have come across as well with many depressed people over a lifetime.

I would call upon all to remember your situation and follow the below tips.

We talk about a lot of sins but I think the greatest sin of all, is to attempt terrorising people by wicked means.

Meanwhile i give you some points as example, things which can lead to depression.

Now, how can depression set in?

Coaching on life

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THE Rollercoaster ride in life fall out of balance?

Depression can set in when your mind is trained to think in a certain way, but it has to respond to challenges, so it forces itself to thinking in another way.

I would tell you how certain events could be very depressing and triggers but they won’t, if you are aware of them and the harm they can build around you.

In India and many other developing nations, being a woman and voicing anything against men is utterly a sin. Specially, if you deny anybody of any pleasure seeking activity.

Men have to understand that women can comply with wants, wishes of various kinds (even as small as accompanying a person to dinner or 🍴) only if she wants. She can like a man whom she marries, prefers to befriend (not forced friendships), or does any act of emoticons or develops any closeness or she may choose not to. She need not explain the society or the world what or why she prefers not to choose a person over someone else.

But, in India 🇮🇳 people demand an explanation ridiculously, “you chose him, why not me?”

“It’s my personal life you need to scream your lungs out.”

The citizens must remember hooliganism is a good weapon but the world should not promote it as an universal weapon, a single spice mix to be used in all curries.

I) Some challenges

1) Change of place type like moving from a big to a small city or vice versa.

2) Getting across a wrong crowd- Well this is a huge trigger. Often, our job types and our surroundings are largely influential in the kind of people you are exposed to. Like being exposed to a crowd whose values are different from yours.

II) Workplace scenario.

Now, in a workplace, when you maybe trying to adjust,

1) You come across conspirators who are trying to replace you or trying to keep you, using a tactic which would make you more beneficial for them.

Rather than letting your original energy flow, they try to create an alternate energy flow within you.

2) You come to know that what little people you trusted, they were also a part of the same group. Trusted like friends, lets say. You allowed some handful of people to know you a bit.

3) Now, same thing happened to me. But, I could not leave the job, nor could I adjust to their purposes and to the people. So, I struggled through a job where there was a vast difference between the way people thought around me and the way I did.

4) Complaining generally,  is of no use. Since, that can trigger things to unnecessary and uncontrollable proportions.

5) Often staying out of a job is also not possible due to different issues.

Now, there is no way you can make the world believe what you say, and trust me they know how you are. But, they do it because they believe in the philosophy that:

If you tell a lie a thousand times that becomes a truth.

III) Now, see how we make errors in our life.

@) We underestimate the power of such people- Don’t underestimate the power they possess. They can turn a very good thinking crowd into believing because they can create stories. Our natural reflex to this phenomenon is fear initially. Now, this can cause you major harm if you do not control it.

@) Next is seeing the true intentions of people will shock you. This is another point where you can get depressed. So, the best thing to do is to let go of how people are.

You cannot control what they do, but you can control how you think.

@) Another way is exaggerating your personal life. If you smile at someone they say you flirted, if you talk to someone they say you tried crafty talks instead of telling the truth, if you sit with someone and have dinners and lunches you are dating those all people at one time, if any guy passes lewd comments or does some lewd gesture and you feel shocked then you responded to them and God forbid, you call someone your friend in error or exchanged gifts then you are their partners.

@) People know the power of immaturity thus they do not leave it because it serves their purpose and this is one purpose where the weapon of immaturity is used.

Ever facing such a scenario where you find such loose environmental ways of dealing with humanity.

Rollercoasterrideinlife eyes sail through it.

Rollercoasterrideinlife depression. be able to wade through the 💦 of the ordinary human life, we have to often stand when we are at the weakest. Living is a constant process of struggle, growth, new learnings, improvisations and strong 💪 will power. If we cannot understand what or how we require to be in a society, we maybe termed naïveté. Thus, towards our constant process to entropy what we build behind is what this world 🌎 is all about. Rest a while, find strength and motivation and move on with your lives. Human life can often be jeopardised, any form of it can go wrong or right. 

In the words of Frida Kahlo,

I hope the leaving is joyful; and I hope never to return.


I tried to drown my sorrows, but the bastards learned how to swim, and now I am overwhelmed by this decent and good feeling.

Thus, whenever I feel down or listless, these words float through my mind space 🚀 and often I fell like I can stand back again.

Further proof of our living is a filtering process which takes into account of even our smallest deeds and hence life often takes a long time to move away from  jargon.

Even keeping a firm mind while passing through universal feelings, not hurting anybody in the process of our living, leaving no scope of error is a tough work up the ladder or a tight walk on the rope.

So, it’s  all about keeping ourselves in the center and moving forward.

We go through a lot of errors and trial so and tribulations before we actually know what this world or life is.

Do what best you can do and relax in life. Sometime some events are unforeseen, and we though do not intend to hurt but we end up doing so, yet there is somethign called a conscience which should tell us if we have done something it’s good or bad.

Journey of life in a rollercoaster

Tips for depression

Read the saying guys and to go with one great habit which helps us is when we read, we realize how people suffer and yet live.

Read Frida Kahlo’s life. Its available on Wikipedia.

Read and think if she could dare to move forward fighting her demons and the demons of the world in an age which seemed to have been far more compromised than ours, then we too can make meaningful lives.

Think about it.

Read a life a day.

Meditate on that life form. It takes only that much time as much as, is required to stroll in the evening, water your plants or simply while you are dressing up before going to a party.

Light for the day.

Heavy torrential rain and happiness.

This is shot in a city of India, Vellore, Tamil Nadu.

The whole night rains splashed like the rains in love across the salt desert (Keki N Daruwala) as if washing off, years of sadness, pain, suffering and trauma. This place is well known for Christian medical college and hospital.

Thousands flock in, everyday from all parts of India, neighboring SAARC nations like Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka etc along with some foreign nationals.

But, the little child unaware of everything enjoys the moment in a God made puddle.


The two cats spend time in peace!

Genuine thoughts

I am a sort of person who is very fond of genuine living.

Or else i move on to the next genuine option of living.

So, if a world wants me to be a part of it, it has to be genuine or it has to tell me what i am in. In the latter case, i may opt out if I do not like it.

After seeing varied ways of life, and knowing the beauty hidden in each, I am not scared to move to a beautiful genuine alternate living way of my choice rather than sticking to some cobweb form of living (a deformity or side track of genuine living) or mazes (wherein we begin thinking one thing when we enter the maze but by the time we leave it we are with something else).

It is very dangerous and often ignores your existence, your choices and the entire being within. You can co-relate if you have seen or read Harry Potter’s triwizard tournament.

Good night. 🐢🐟

From Leh far north to Tamil Nadu far south of India.

From Leh far north to Tamil Nadu far south of India.

One of the most unseen part of Leh.

A journey of life which involves movement from Leh far north to Tamil Nadu far south of India.

Its amazing that a human can journey so much with brief halts here and there.

Well, home 🏡 I call these lands.

It is my land. A land where I am born.

India despite all the differences I face it is still home.

Light of the world, I call it.

Despite our differences, we should eventually try to integrate what is a true secular 🇮🇳 India.

Such a history, such gruesome past, such beautiful 🌍 world’s within the same lands. 

Is it so difficult for us to adhere to simplicity? Is it so difficult to adhere to our world unified?

Join hands so that the future of this land is bright?

Despite all these variations the moment I see it, this land still entices me.

It tells me to go beyond and make my words audible. It tells me to make an effort. 

Since it is often said that in times of great crisis, he ones who do not take any side are the biggest sinners.

It means if 100 💯 people couldn’t turn the clock, one more might have been the only force that would have been required and by not taking that chance you did the biggest mistake.

Fate unknown in this birth.

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Love matters

Once there was a very handsome prince in China and there was a peasant girl who worked in the king’s farm with her mother.

So, one day they heard the prince had got married.

A year later, the girl still worked in the farm with her mother.

So, one day as they both sat having lunch, another mother daughter peasant duo joined them for the meal.

As they spoke along, they heard that the news, they had heard about the marriage of the prince earlier was a rumor spread by a supervisor who had an eye on Io. He had also spread bad words for Io. Trying to lay a trap. The good character of a girl was greatly valued in those days. Somehow, he came to know that Io had feelings for the prince. Now, by spreading this rumor he hoped that her heart would break and she would fall into his lap.

It so happened that she showed no emotions. Neither did she cry nor did she react in any way which could open the doors to the supervisor.

After almost a year also, she still loved the prince.

One day her friend Lai asked her,

“I still see you smile to yourself when the prince passess by.”

“Yes, i love him.”

“But, he is married.”

“I love him like I love my mother. I love him like i love the mountains and the winds and you.” she smiled.

“What do you mean?”

“I don’t mind if i can’t possess him. This love will stay forever here.”

“What if you get married?”

“I won’t get married because I am too old to get a good husband now. I do not have enough dowry too. My mother tried as far as she could.”

With this both resumed work. Six months later, Lai got married to another supervisor and began to ignore Io.

Io felt bad at this a little. She cried one day but resumed work post the event.

But, on that afternoon Io and Lai had lunch together with their mothers beside them as Lai was now carrying her child.

Sooner, they heard that the prince was planning to get married and girls from all the neighborhood dynasties would be attending the ceremony. However, this time they were inviting all the girls who thought they could have something good to offer to the prince.

Io told her desire to her mother.

“You foolish girl. Why would the prince take your hand?”

“I am not worried if he will, i am more worried about the fact that this is the only chance to tell him that I love him. This would be all that i would ever want from you.”

Her mother had pity on the daughter. So, she thought of arranging a beautiful kimono for her. Whatever she had saved for her marriage she used it all to get her a kimono.

Io looked like a queen in that kimono. Her mother went with her to attend the show. She imagined being thrown out by the guards and she could see the entire court laughing at her stupidity.

One by one each said what they could offer the king and the prince. The beautiful princesses of several kingdoms visited them. Each stood with the representatives who spoke on behalf of them.

When Io’s turn came, she stood up and everyone looked around for the representative.

However, she bowed low and began,

“I speak for myself, oh! Holy king. I am a peasant in your farm with my mother and i can only offer love to the prince.” Tears trickled down her cheek with those words. She just prayed that the king would show mercy and not throw her and her mother into the prison.

But, nothing of that sort happened and she was asked to take her seat back.

After all was over, they went home.

After almost a month, a drummer drummed the message in the village gate.

Both were asked to appear before the king. With fear in their hearts her mother took Io the palace and instead of hand cuffs they were greated with flowers.

Io was chosen by the prince for he was looking for someone who could love him.

“I know you love me, I have seen you in the farms. Spreading bad rumors can only confuse those who are weak and the faint hearted. Purity of a heart cannot be defined by those whose heart is itself so crippled that they cannot let their love decide for themselves, the ones who cannot accept that love is a bond of the heart, not all humans can be bonded in the same way. Mine and your heart has the same tune. He doesn’t know that his love is an act of possession and benefits, his heart does not even know how to sing. ”

” How do you know it, o’ prince.”

The prince moved slightly and behind him stood the supervisor handcuffed and chained.

“It is true my prince, she is an ill natured and she has a de filing character, she is not a good woman, she flirts with every single man on the farm, goes with many, laughs like all are his mates. I have proof.”

“It is not true my prince.” tears trickled down her eyes.

“I smile and talk good with others because they are as troubled as I am. A little smile brings some joy to all weary hearts, my prince.”

“We forgive you.” the prince took her hand as he took her hand and went inside the palace.

The Ming dynasty was very strong in those times.

She lived happily ever after and bore two sons, the future rulers of the Ming empire.