The Fizz ….first few lines for you all to see

The Fizz…a flash fiction…@sne8798
Hand made by me and picked up by a friend for this piece

I hated the grind

The place was dark….damp and loveless, I could feel.

But I could do nothing, my hands were bound, and I couldn’t steal

the steel junk, those high walls, blinded streets, fixed eyes.

I struggled, for each breath…..the warmth was missing, people were cunning, conniving masses.

I was merely a means for them, to earn more. Those puny minds, small hearts tried selling me.

They tried gnawing me, wounding me seemed easy for them.

But then Evil is always stupid and I had to see right through their stupidity

A duel with their irrationalism made me firm.

But alas! They took me to be weak. They bullied criminally,

wanted to scare me, forced me from all ends. I simply could not get more of them.

“What idiots?” I thought. They killed when not happy, they did not believe in free speech.

They did not believe I was equal when it came to harming others.

If I pinched they threw stones. Cowards fought girls and were called men.

I slipped away. I created a conditioned reflex for them.

They are still a slave if it sadly as I rest in peace, standing in a corner I see them dance.

Sadly they want more of the conditioned pattern but then they have to know the difference between their lie and my truth.

They are dead, vanquished long back even when I was amidst them.

Each day they wait to offer their paltry ways.

Each day they hope I would return perhaps

They think still they had seen love in my eyes.

Sadly it was a reflection of their hatred.

There can be no force that fierce to take me back to prison, where they made

Every attempt to turn me a criminal so that they could call me their own.

Sadly there is no road backwards, sadly there are no paths downwards left for me to tread.

Sadly or happily, yet happily and gaily I walk forward.

Days in waiting

What do you wait for?

Love, freedom, life, better life, healing and all those words.

What if I tell you, I am waiting for all to appear together.

A moment when nothing is less or more,

A moment when nothing stays, yet lasts you a lifetime.

I cannot say life is good, I cannot say life is bad.

All I can say is life is beautiful and unfolding,

But I am still waiting, waiting for that one day when I can make it my own.

When I can wear my She Crown,

When I no longer frown,

At the mere mention of the word brown.

It’s been a long while I am free.

Almost alone, stranded, nowhere to go standing tall like a tree.

It’s been all about waiting, my life, my knife, my wait never ends

I wish it ends one day when I am going to become one

With my life and death, when I finally sleep, when I finally sleep.


Enmity is another emotion,

The only problem is humans are unaware of it

It is that one string within our hearts gone sour, and broken

It might be the weak one.

How do you mend weakened strings?

How do you heal clipped wings?

A healing touch to our soul, a balm to our being.

You got to leave what you preach,

You got to just live to heal,

A life not unique but ordinary and living will never leave you

Ordinariness and ordinary beings live like their whole life.

Enmity then would be alien to your being,

And it’s other pole, Love would rule your strings.

The extension of Google incognito mode into google maps

Okay I use a lot of it …….incognito mode.

I stayed as paying guests and in haunted houses which often hounded (Lols). So here is an interesting piece I wrote for you guys…..

Of course I am not done with my poems and I would get back for sure.

Incognito mode on a browser is all set to appear for your Google Maps.

It has been extremely popular on the Chrome Browser and also on Youtube.

Do you want to know it is going to change your daily living going forward?This new feature is very much a part of the series of new privacy tools being publicized across its various different apps.

It is readily available on Android devices and would soon be live on IOS devices. In short, it can hide you from yourself, so to say. The device you use can be turned on incognito mode. But, unfortunately, this facility is limited only to the device you use. So, each time you have a new device you would have to switch on the incognito mode every time in each of them.

It can hide your search results and browsing history from being displayed to those who sneak peek into your device each time you are not around it. It can hide your locations conveniently from your fiancee or your parents as well.But it does not vanish you or hide you from those who are using your data for ethical or unethical reasons.It does not hide you even from the police, internet service provider, third-party vendors, websites you visit and your very own Google. Virtually your fingerprints and impressions are widely scattered on the web even when you choose to run incognito. How do you turn on the incognito mode on maps? Merely by tapping the profile image of your account and then by tapping on the “turn on incognito mode.”What you cannot do when the incognito mode is turned on? Your personalized preferences would not work on this device. You cannot obtain information about your commuting points, not your transport services. You cannot get hold of your recommended hotels, shops and landmarks as and when you need. While on incognito mode you cannot have your recommendations. It just saves you from the random atmosphere where you live. It prevents seepage of data from the systems you use. The incognito mode comes with a warning message which reads,“Turn on Incognito Mode in maps does not affect how your activity is used or saved by internet providers, other apps, voice search and other Google services.”It helps you keep your life private even in a crowded room, in your immediate neighbourhood- a hoodie on your head yet it does not vanish you in thin air. A cool stuff widely practised by many on chrome. You have to choose wisely as per your requirements. If you wish to with your set preferences or you wish to go with your personalized data you have to ensure to not choose being on incognito mode. The private browsing facility is a feature available on many browsers but definitely private browsing is not entirely private, you might be knowing that one point by now clearly. Enjoy your choices with the incognito mode going forward even on maps as it can help you prevent your immediate neighbour from knowing where you were while you were away.