Too little for thought

The girl on fire

Women are burning alive since long…trying to adjust and live through, decked up as per others wishes..burning within still…I ask, are women free? Can we have faith that all will be good with our girls? How do we trust and have faith in this world but then how do we live without trust and faith? My father says, no matter what you have to have faith, bind your heart in faith coz there is no other way.

Life’s lessons § Learning’s


I call a place mystical when it is capable of arousing the deep-seated mysticism within me; I call this very mysticism my spiritual need. I was very small then, and I remember the only place we could afford was a night’s journey from my home tucked up in the plush hills somewhere.

I had sensed a higher Power for the very first time, a Power quite beyond my reckon and understanding. Bodhgaya still pulls me to it, like it is a magnetic bar and as though, I stand on an opposite pole.

No wait! Who knows I maybe the rusty red iron ore dust wafting with the winds?But, the seat of Buddha cannot be erased from my mind, no matter how many times I have denied the existence of God within me.