Contemplation and sharing

I was taught these lines by my mother

Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing”

“Contemplate” she said.

When you rise up every single day,

When you have the power to realise the million way,

When you live and know what He said

In these words each year at least once.

You know it was a way shown by him

to live life and look at it, in a certain way.

Death was not strong enough to let him not teach,

He taught till the end like it was a daily preach.

The words tell you and me a lot.

It tells us what we must do when fought

by people who see only one way to live

one way to thrive, one way to give.

Since they are scared to live many shades

fearing their kingdom on earth more than Heaven and Hades.


Have you ever lived?

Have you ever been banned?

Dumped, thrown in a tight can, canned.

Have you ever been damned?

After being someone much famed.

Have you ever been gunned?

Dying alone eating skills you once honed.

Unable to work, since your wires are jammed.

Not knowing how to move, lamely tainted.

Well, once I was maimed,

In horror I stood alone unnamed.

All were crying foul and opined

grotesque stuffs against me untamed.

But, then I took it, not at all ashamed,

I looked ahead, I was waxed & waned.

I could do nothing, yet I stole profane

words of obliterated and obscene fame.

But, then fame was all a game,

I did very well as a dame,

In the game of madness and clever shame,

I fooled quite a few timid and the tamed.

I fooled many, got fooled by some insane

bits and canniness was handy yet mundane.

Now, I have what I needed, out of the sane

disguise of madness, cane crossed vanity in vain.

I try yet I do not

Joys are cherubic in this land.

Love is ephemeral when goes hand in hand.

I love the breeze and the sand.

Music in the breeze, I was once in a band.

Every time I remember you, your face, your eyes

The dye in my face dies, revealing sighs,

Moments matter and we live in some such whys,

Always, ever again, downtrodden bye byes.

I would love to meet you several times,

I would love to hold hands with you several more times,

Run my arms across your eye which shines

and feigns ignorance to my state within my spine.

I have loved you, God knows how many times,

I told you, an unfulfilled wish, cackling mimes,

I still wish I could just live with you through the grimes,

Place my head on your shoulders and rhyme.

But, the world stands as a foe, trying to see

What I do, when the spear digs deep in my tee,

The bones break or I breathe again during the wee,

It was always you and would never be me.

But then I tried yet I remain wherever I was within you,

I would slowly pull over making way to your view,

As I recede in the mountains of known and unknown hue,

I would still be happy to know you exist in the queue.

Yet, I can never reach you

The world is a wall few

fought and few could see and sew

Yet, I would be happy for you,

Slowly dying holding the dew

By the beautiful silent and calm view.

As we go down the lane!

As we go down the lane,

We find things have not changed,

It is we who have,

left many beautiful things behind.

I have met glow worms in a decade,

The beauty hidden in rusted facade,

Lovely lores that I heard naked,

True feeling, memories fresh or baked.

I love all moments I spent here,

I love only a few I spent with you there,

I love marshmallows and tabby cats,

I love the beautiful vines and hats 🎩

I love the rains above all,

The thunder sparks hitting our homes

The wilderness lit by it for a moment,

The purple blue holy trines

I love rains, I love you.

I love the smell around you,

Spirits and medicines and lotions,

When I met you, they were within you.

I love the rains, it reminds me of you

I love the rains, it reminds me of Thor,

The one who lives by me or I by him,

I do not know at all.

Why do I live?

When I was small, I lived for the

mornings, the winter and snow.

I lived to count the stars, look into a

Cackling fire and believed in laughing aloud.

Then i grew to know stars are far.

So i wanted to live my dreams

I wanted to fight my battles and

win games and wars. I was studying

hard, believing it would change my fate.

But, then it did all except changing my fate.

But, I believed then that i would not hate

A world so strong and fair. But, then i knew

What this all was, and felt I could live for love

of all kinds, fair, sweet, glorifying, dashing

love. But then I found to love others

you need to love, yes, love yourself more

Love that you need carries you afar.

Love oneself and change oneself is all

we can do, we cannot do anything more

But if all does it well, then alone the world changes

Since then you learn to love others more.

But to love oneself, you have to not be unfair

In your own eyes, the world is such now,

for many believe in their own unfairness

Where man is bound by many chains,

Invisible, daunting and scary claims growing

in others brains. I live not now, only breathe

But i still wish to live and love oneself again.

I wish it could all be done well yet we live

and not be a forgotten human race slained.


From the makers of time,

We have often tried to rhyme,

This is a festival sublime,

Gives you time for enemies and crime,

Every thing can take a back step,

Friends can become relations,

Enemies can become friends and sensations.

Lots of colours and painted teeth

The nature opens its gates,

Another moment when human souls can be melded,

forged stronger with peace and warmth,

I have to wish you happy holi,

But, cannot, I remember you and all,

Holi is for all, for colours are loved by all,

The heart is all it needs to look

through tinted glass doors and a closed book.

Seven loves

They say we have seven mate,

Each from one life, whom we

might have had, nothing but hate

for who they were, a life of a grape or kiwi,

grated in between the stones of grind as bait.

I feared always, how do I know

If I loved the one of seven and not hate?

My mind remained confused as I knew,

but it always said, “It could be amongst the one, but no,

not the one I do not hate.” I searched and found one day,

on a chair, a man who was not amongst one

whom I could hate, but then we met

and he said, “wait, ugh, one second.”

I knew, my hearts in pieces, perhaps

I was not the one he could not hate.

Now I am and here you are.

I see you and feel you,

So what do I do? You are the doodle which could fiddle

a story whole, into pieces random to fit in a hole.

If I could find the pieces, I could find your bruises,

and then maybe, just that wee little maybe,

We could be one and the whole. You and I

in this universal goal, tucked tightly in, to solve another

crossword puzzle bold, dresses and cruises,

Joys galore, you in me and in you my rouges.

The new rain

The day I met you, the sky was grey,

The day I felt you, the sky was dark with clouds,

they burst forth bringing little rain with prayers and rays,

the lightning hammer of Thor was very loud.

That very day, I felt you were happy,

perhaps so it rained, that very day,

I knew I was happy perhaps in vain.

But then, even today I, know I am to say

I could love you better if I could be close.

Sometimes, I feel I could happily doze

on your shoulders with my palms

on your safe arms, sweet as the date palms.

I love you no less today, but I know

It might be a long wait till I can see you again

smile, and make the rain come down

When you are a happy bargain.

But I wish to meet you even if in years ten

from now, when you have more grey on your

head than the skies, it is not to meet maybe

but just a glimpse to know you live

happy and I live far by then, an end of me.

But, then the rains might come down

if and when, you are happy again.

Happy again in your lively gain.

Living forward to death

When life refused to befriend Zooni,

She chose to look forward to death.

She had believed too much in life’s loony

tunes, dying was windy, cool and woolly.

She sat across in quietude for a while,

For she knew not, what death could bring her?

Yet she chose to silence it all,

Slowing down her bright tunes once agile.

She renounced it all, nothing could

ever be her own, “nothing should.”

she thought. “All is stained in colours

unknown, when I do not get what I choose.”

She was happy, she was always on her own, free.

Always in a forest, some of men, some of many tree.

Here she stood amongst trees, yet not alone.

But then, the world missed her, searched for her.

She did not leave though, calling it her home.

They plundered her thoughts, trying to scare her dare,

since on earth no one can actually bare

their souls, refuse to submit to games so foul.

But, then she stuck to the tree,

learnt to live life with them as friends in wee

hours, none could make her unhappy

none could make her dance to their unscathed

Stories of the old. She lived and lived for she chose death

But, death said, “you have a long way to go, the wraith

of all, has left you, free, clean you are one of my own.

Therefore, live as I fend for you in silence unknown.”

Mind and it’s windy games

Stop playing mind games,

For my heart is in flames

for the one who has a java scripted name,

Tall, dark, handsome of hunky dory fame.

If you play games with my mind,

I would hide behind your hind,

You would never be able to find,

Where I hid in this grind.

So, if you like me, I can live

All my life with you and thrive

Both you and me, go for scuba dive

When you are not caring for the sick hive.

It does not matter if you remain a hunk

Because I dream of you all night in my bunk

Do not play mind games hunk

Coz we have a long way to cover in chunk

I love you, you know that

You don’t trust me, your choice hat,

You believe in differences, sorry to hear it flat

My ears and nose smell you, no matter what.

If you cannot be a hero,

I can stay with you, a straight no,

Can you keep me forever with a good name, a curt no.

I stand at your door, knocking.

You won’t let me in,

You play mind games like a gin,

But, I know somewhere I have a fin,

I run off my truths, my kin, my chin, my sin.

Vanishing in thin air,

Do not get in my lair.

For come now on your own,

It shows what you have sown

Come now, we have a long way to go,

Without you, I would be lost with me,

A doe with her friends and foe.

But, you won’t come on your feet and toe.