About Us


I am Snehashree, a freelance writer and am also beginning to discover my own stories.

Right now I have a book on Amazon- A Hiatus from the Loaded Past.

I I am also a member of a very valuable sites.


A freelance content writer who is discovering her own stories.

I am a freelance content writer for 2.5 years now into this journey. During these 2.5 years, I have worked on several niches which includes but is not limited to, travel/health/technical/food/lifestyle/pets/general finances/fin-tech etc.

I can create blogs, articles, guest posts, social media posts, news, website content and much more.

I am also exploring my #own voice and with one book already on Amazon- A Hiatus from the Loaded Past, I am trying to work on more.


Freelance Content Writer

My past experiences

IQVIA (Feb-2010 – Jan-2019)
I was into healthcare (Pharmacovigilance) for 9 years. I left it to move with more of what I wanted to do from what I had to do.

Clinical Research Co-Ordinator (July- 2009 – Jan-2010)
I handled a dermatology trial for seven months.

Innovana techlabs (Oct-2019 – Aug-2020)
I worked as a content writer and was responsible for creating SEO-friendly articles and web content.

I can make appropriate use of keywords whenever and wherever required.