I try yet I do not

Joys are cherubic in this land.

Love is ephemeral when goes hand in hand.

I love the breeze and the sand.

Music in the breeze, I was once in a band.

Every time I remember you, your face, your eyes

The dye in my face dies, revealing sighs,

Moments matter and we live in some such whys,

Always, ever again, downtrodden bye byes.

I would love to meet you several times,

I would love to hold hands with you several more times,

Run my arms across your eye which shines

and feigns ignorance to my state within my spine.

I have loved you, God knows how many times,

I told you, an unfulfilled wish, cackling mimes,

I still wish I could just live with you through the grimes,

Place my head on your shoulders and rhyme.

But, the world stands as a foe, trying to see

What I do, when the spear digs deep in my tee,

The bones break or I breathe again during the wee,

It was always you and would never be me.

But then I tried yet I remain wherever I was within you,

I would slowly pull over making way to your view,

As I recede in the mountains of known and unknown hue,

I would still be happy to know you exist in the queue.

Yet, I can never reach you

The world is a wall few

fought and few could see and sew

Yet, I would be happy for you,

Slowly dying holding the dew

By the beautiful silent and calm view.

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